A extremely detailed model of the Mars Pattern Warhound Titan. Rules for this model and it’s associated weapons can be found in the Games Workshop. 7 Dec So I happen to own a Warhound Scout Titan, in the original index rules he was points, which already seemed not great to me. I played. INQUISITORIAL WARHOUND SCOUT TITAN. POINTS: Void Shields Deflects long range weaponry. Princeps Cockpit. Vulcan Mega-bolter 30 rounds per.

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40K: Imperial Armour Datasheets Revealed – Chaos Titan and Relic Sicaran – Bell of Lost Souls

They are all playable, and even good in some warhouund ups. On what fucking alien planet, in what insane mind, does the Warhound equal 4 Shadowswords with sponsons, and change?

You May also be interested in Looking for a chance to prove your tactical mastery […]. Mounts 2 arm weapons, 2 carapace weapons, and a few tertiary weapons that can overwatch for rues. If the goal was to remove super heavy stuff from smaller games, why do they still support an army of all knights, or all baneblades?

It’s a pretty rubbish solution but it’s the one we got. That is what I am upset about, I can’t justify putting my coolest model I own, on the table in the games where he is meant to be played, warhoundd we switch to power level, which my group doesn’t like.

Hell the Knight Titans got warlord traits, relics and a stratagem. If the goal was to remove most big stuff from smaller games or re-balance the super heavies, why did the Baneblade, and Knight Titan remain unchanged. It’s directly in chapter approved like that. So they are still usable in Warhounf play at the same power level they were previously, but now are ludicrously expensive in matched played. So unless this weapon gets some kind of buff just don’t take it.

If you don’t take the upgrades on the tactical squad they are terrible, in a power level game. I get that titann playing super heavies in small games warhohnd, Ive been stuck against 3 knights in a 1, point game, it was super yitan fun in the last edition, and it’s not much more fun in this one either.

So if they felt the Warhound needed to be higher cost, why did Knights remain unchanged, and ALSO gained warlord traits, relic, and a stratagem? Castellan-class robot – Cataphract-class robot – Colossus-class robot Conqueror-class robot – Crusader-class robot – Scyllax-class robot Thanatar-class robot – Vultarax stratos-automata.


Warhammer 40,/Tactics/Adeptus Titanicus(8E) – 1d4chan

Reaver Laser Blaster, although not the best gun we’ve seen so far it is the best super heavy killer you can fit on your carapace, and although it won’t out shoot not by a long shot any of your main guns, it will more than happily wipe out a knight with 7 wounds to spare, making it idea for taking out small things which you wouldn’t normally bother shooting at, baneblades, land raiders, you know, small things by comparison to what your main guns are firing at.

It was never about balance, it seems like it was more about curating the “tournament” meta and working to differentiate it from Apocalypse. Where Warhounds really shine is in their ability to be formed into Squadrons. Without Our Ships We […]. If you’re going for a Warhound, you’ll want at least one of them. This page was last modified on 30 Septemberat By-and-large forgeworld units – particularly “super heavies” – had enormous point increases.

While they can move and manoeuvre separately on the battlefield, they activate at the same time. And I agree that could very well be a serious problem the designers may want to address.

This subreddit for anything and everything related to Warhammer 40k. It also has better movement ability. General Movement Psychic 7th Fortifications. Although some weapons are a little meh, for the others you must take into account how they fit into the whole.

When it comes to orders, Squadrons can be issued a single one that covers them all, and the more Titans in the Squadron, the easier the order is to titam — a definite bonus. That ryles solve the problem of people taking big stuff in a small game.

I really feel like, if they don’t want big stuff in small games, then why did they not nerf the worst offenders at all, yet they hammered on a bad unit to begin with so much, that it now doesn’t have a place in large games anymore.

But some other LoW units got insane price hikes. I mean, firstly, in hitan objective game the Titan will flat out lose.

Dawn of War Trade your minis Miniswap Podcasts: Your ad here, right now: Nothing about balancing games. Can take two arm mounted weapons and one carapace mounted weapon, and is the smallest Titan which can take melee weapons which you’re obligated to take because they look AWESOME. AND you get a relic, a warlord trait and a stratagem.

For that you get. The argument I see people making is that at 1, the warhound was broken and ruining small games, but mathmatically that wasn’t the case compared to other super heavies. The Powerfist, the best of all the reavers melee weapons against vehicles etc, while your titanic strides deal with infantry.


Yea no, it was dumb to just up the points there were better ways to do it, but hopefully they do like 30k or AoS with having a minimum points value to field such things when they get their own actual imperial armor codex entry.

In what crazy designers mind, did that move make any sense? You are looking at points to field one with all the bells and whistles. In both damage and durability it wasn’t as good as other options if you wanted to be cheesy. It’s like the Warhound was BAD for it’s cost, they made it worse, the Knight Titan or Baneblade was pretty good for it’s cost, or at least playable, they left it alone.

I’m curious, would you have fun taking on three to four baneblade variants? If the goal is to not have all huge super heavy stuff in a 2k game, why did some of the units that were already bad get made worse, but the ones that were at least playable, remain unchanged, or in the case of Knights actually improve?

Reaver Gatling Blaster, a tricky choice as the other option for this spot is the Reaver Laser Blaster, which is superior against all targets except infantry, but the gatling blaster excels as an MEQ killer the best one you have and as your already taking the volcano cannon your not lacking on anti-armour.

Well, this is the Imperial cranked up to eleven version of it.

Warhound Scout Titan

Just use power level. While they’re unable to take and dish out the insane amount of punishment one of their bigger brothers like a Warlord can, its speed and maneuverability allow the Warhound to perform devastating hit-and-run and flanking attacks, along with performing recon and acting as the eyes and ears for the bigger behemoths.

I think a take all comers list had better be prepared to deal with one baneblade, but expecting a take all comers list to deal with a horde of brimstones or 3 baneblades seems a bit unrealistic.