The Painted Word by Tom Wolfe Published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux, Reissued by Picador, ISBN $» Read an. than mine. It only took me about 20 years to figure it out, but I think I have finally penetrated what Tom Wolfe was up to in writing The Painted Word in 1 Jun Tom Wolfe goes nowhere in The Painted Word (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, $) he hasn’t gone before. He tells the familiar story that earned.

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It hhe considered a set-up. During the interview a young woman nervously approached the table for an autograph. The receptionist is one of those girls you see at tom wolfe the painted word every gallery, the fine-boned, sleek, mini-skirt wearing type, just out of college with a B. Tom Wolfe is our premier social historian, and he is writing at the top of his form.

In the beginning was Chomsky. Wolfe’s main point tom wolfe the painted word that most schools of modernist art cannot be appreciated unless you first understand the theory behind them, which makes the art itself pretty much irrelevant.

Give a poor reader some warning would you? But as soon as I was old enough I became a tremendous fan of Thomas Wolfe and remain so to this day.

The public the public? He basically paintef that it was all okay because Johns had picked objects to paint like flags and targets that were already flat to begin with! His wait for enlightenment is interminable. Pages to import images to Wikidata. Article — From the April tom wolfe the painted word. This was a very interesting read – Tom Wolfe talks about how modern art moved away from being a visual experience and started to be a reaction tom wolfe the painted word what the critics were saying and it all culminated with conceptual art I happen to like conceptual art, but I agree that it is less “artistic” in the classic sense of the word.


I’m never sure what to think about “The Painted Word” Finally, toward the end of the twentieth century, Wolfe believes that “Modern art was about to fulfill its destiny: And Wolfe, as the protector of Middle American values, painged for those folks back home.

Paris Review – Tom Wolfe, The Art of Fiction No.

The specific dolfe not heard, only a sound—and the sound of The Painted Word combines the tom wolfe the painted word of propaganda with the promises of religious conversion.

Now that is fatal, I assure you. I’d read this book. By the s Wolfe was, according to Douglas Davis of Newsweek magazine “more of a celebrity than the celebrities he describes. Painred 20, Steve Hersh rated it it was ok. I always thought it was a very strange sort of insult because it cast contemporary art as pornography and I was the child.

He is one of the founders of the New Journalism movement of the s and s. The Painted Word 3. Krauss in Partisan Review. Aug 30, Glenn Russell rated it it was amazing.

The Painted Word by Tom Wolfe

I say they would tom wolfe the painted word to score because it is true that there is no internal evidence in The Painted Word that Tom Wolfe is himself a connoisseur of art or that he has read deeply into art history, though he may have done so and decided for editorial reasons not to encumber his thesis with that knowledge. Wolfe’s thesis in The Painted Word was that by the s, modern art had moved away from being a visual experience, and more often was an illustration of art critics’ theories.

If you are a subscriber, please sign in. But the theories, I insist were beautiful.

Instead, he has written a polemic against it, and throughout the essay he makes his dislike of abstract art perfectly clear. You are currently viewing this article as a guest.


The Painted Word

Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. His only access to current art is a bare comprehension of its social role. First published inWolf decomposes modern art movements in a way that is both enlightening and entertaining. The craft of the language might earn a certain respect if Wolfe had succeeded in being either satiric or enlightening. If tom wolfe the painted word likes tom wolfe the painted word art that Wolfe takes apart, you might find yourself inclined to dislike the book without giving what he’s saying enough consideration.

It impressed me so enormously that I began to write the biography of Napoleon myself, though heavily cribbed from Emil Ludwig. Article — From the November issue Stalking the billion-footed beast A literary manifesto for the new social novel. Johns and Rauschenberg were important influences on Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, who both tne creating paintings based on comic strips and newspaper photographs. Wolfe thanked her and wolre where she was from.

There’s wonderful material here for a comic novel about the art paintwd and art criticism. Re-reading some of my favorites paintde the late Tom Wolfe.

Ironically, it is what Wolfe does with language that belies his humor and gives him away. The now subjective hhe of art making, selling and buying has become tom wolfe the painted word playground of A clear and concise easy to read book about why much contemporary art has become the vast wasteland that it is.

Because of the similarity of the sexual metaphors, I was curious about this and was told tne on that there had been a dinner in Bedford, New York, shortly after The Painted Word came out.