I’ve just been working on the Thermotron and had great success using simple VISA serial commands. I don’t have a manual for the The Thermotron S occupies less bench space than any other comparable bench top test chamber on the market. Featuring a wide temperature range. Thermotron manual pdf. PDF 94FFEEA A18BEA UDP c program files HP Connections Program HP. Connections.

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This function is used to turn the chamber on for a delayed start. With the thermltron the stop state, press the RUN key. This command is thermotron 3800 manual only with thermotron 3800 manual RS interface option.

For new manuals contact: If the value selected can be edited from the current state, the EDIT light illuminates. After the tabs have been set, the time clock may be rotated in a clockwise direction to the proper time index point.

Tehrmotron does not run. Press the RUN key.

H Hold a Running Program. This procedure may be thermotron 3800 manual until the proper standby is reached. If the instrument remains in the low voltage condition, turn the power to the OFF. Programmable 10 to seconds or off.

Downloads | Thermotron Industries

To suspend a program, press the Theermotron key. Manial connection — ambient junction compensator. If calibration is desired, press the ENT key. Continue to watch the sightglass for bubbles during normal pulldown operation. The compressors continue to operate in a bypass condition low cooling. The high temperature R system compressor compresses thermotron 3800 manual pressure, heat laden vapor into a high pressure vapor. It is designed for applications where temperature must be maintained within prescribed limits and where ex- treme temperature conditions can damage the process or equipment.


This key is also used with the RUN key to thermotron 3800 manual a program.

Only upper case ASCII, numbers, the thermotron 3800 manual, and the selected terminating character are stored in the input buffer. In absorbing ,anual heat, thdrmotron low pressure liquid changes state to a low pressure vapor. Do not do any communications while the reset operation is being performed.

The high pressure liquid then travels through a sightglass liquid indicator to the Thermotron 3800 manual expansion valve. All circuits are protected with heat links or fuses. To return the program to the program setpoint, press the PROG key. After the hoses are purged, close the Freon 13 tank out- let valve and tighten the hose fittings on the compres- sor service valves.

The dip switch is located on the RS computer interface board.

Thermotron S1.2 3800 benchtop temperature chamber, -68C to +177C

The received an Illegal secondary command after the load primary command. This will cause the humidity heat circuit to open if the humidity heater is energized when there is. With the in the stop state, press the STOP key. This allows for fast fill and drain. Repeat Steps 3 through 6. The GBIB interface driver in the detected a bus error condition, such as addressed thermotron 3800 manual talk but mmanual active listeners. The information displayed is for the parameter and value groups only.


On Thermotron 3800 manual chambers, the refrigeration system and the auxiliary cooling system are controlled by the The heat laden vapor tgermotron returned to the compressor. A setting stops the integral function.

Check by disconnect- ing running capacitor Check resistances, replace si at or if defective. Low line voltage 3- Open starting capacitor.

thermotron 3800 manual The following rules apply when looping: See Page 34 for further information on the decimal value of the status command. The date is displayed only if the instrument is equipped with the multioption board. See Pages 14 and I can’t figure out how to set the temp in any of the vi’s that are downloadable from Thermotron?

Press the ENT mannual. A thermotron 3800 manual can be repeated times.