Kindle Nook iBooks Kobo Amazon Barnes & Noble Books- A-Million. It was love at first sight for Lady Viola the night she met the dashing. 24 Jun This book, The Marriage Bed by Laura Lee Guhrke, has a similar plot, but due to its different characters it is a very, very different book. It’s good. The Marriage Bed (Seduction, book 3) by Laura Lee Guhrke – book cover, description, publication history.

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Of course they didn’t. Written in my Heart. Would I do my best to be a faithful husband?

There are alfa heroes out there that are the same. Yes, the hero is a rogue. Is there a law that tells them that if there is a baby, preferably the bastard of the hero then the heroine should fall in to instant love with the brat and mother it no questions asked?

But it was beautiful to see them building bridges back to each-other wronged hearts. Sure, he was the first born. This is why they were also very expensive.

Rama Phosphates Book Archive

I admit that that Hero was a hard sell. And to make everything worse, he thought he was a freaking saint and that it was Viola’s fault their marriage was in shambles. The Bride Says Maybe. Anthony Duke of Tremore and Daphne his duchess.

After escaping the slaughter of her extended family at a tender age, Scottish noblewoman Sabrina Verrick presents for her siblings by means of dwelling a double existence, until eventually the evening she encounters the Duke, and her mystery and all she holds pricey is threatened. Posted by AnimeJune at Friday, May 28, Ratings and Reviews 1 6 star ratings 1 reviews. Even adopted children not bastards, just adopted had problems with inheriting!


When Viola locks him out of her bedroom, he leaves the house and takes up where he had left off. Lord Aidan Stonemere didn’t cross from felony to a name enjoying via society’s principles. The Duke of Desire.

The Marriage Bed (Seduction, book 3) by Laura Lee Guhrke

Despite his strained financial circumstances, however, he was able to afford a mistress martiage kept her and slept with her during their entire courtshipup until the very day they married. However, she realizes her options are limited: It seems everybody saw him as a charmer because he was nice looking and had a few jokes up his sleeve.

The scene where they have the question and answer session with “brutal honesty” was so heart wrenching, but necessary for this couple to move forward. As well, the pacing and characterization in the last quarter of the book seems a bit rushed – Viola’s in particular. Okay I get it that he realizes his heartlessness to all of them, but I dint like him including the h along with all the others in his long list of heart-breaking follies.

Does this not make the other woman marriaye of having her kids successing the title? He goes about informing her of his wish in the most ham-handed, typically male, manner.

He says he doesn’t know. I’m giving this book 4 stars instead of 5 because one unresolved issue between John and Viola leaves me somewhat doubting the future of this couple’s HEA. May 17, Daisiemae rated it really liked it Shelves: A bit disappointed again! Well, while Laura Lee Guhrke doesn’t sugar-coat his actions, he’s not unnecessarily demonized either.


The Marriage Bed – Laura Lee Guhrke – Paperback

The Lady and the Earl. Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping. I never understood them and the author told me that in the end, they found love.

For others, like myself, it depends on how the situation is tthe. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. If he daydreamed about their children so much why was he not just a bit shaken that this was not mrriage kid? If the story took place in modern times my reaction would be quite different.

This book, The Marriage Bed by Laura Lee Guhrke, has a similar plot, but due to its different characters it is a very, very different book. First something positive, I loved the fact the author brought back some of my favorite characters This book had a lot of the impossible. He likes who ever! I’m not strong enough for this shit. Wading in, knowing and prepared for what a jerk the H was, I actually enjoyed the story a lot.

Not an easy prospect when said wife wouldn’t spend more than five minutes in his presence, never mind their marriage bed.