The Malevolent 7: The Exception to American Exceptionalism

By Sarah-Marie Hoduski
“What ever they were in life, here, at the end, each man stood with courage and honor. They fought for the ones who couldn’t fight for themselves, and the died for them, too. All to win something that didn’t belong to them. It was – magnificent.”                                                       —From the film Magnificent 7


North Korea. China. Vietnam…. Canada & the United States could all form an organization as the only countries in the world that allow abortion at any point: as long as the child is still in the womb.

The US is joined by the Netherlands and Singapore to make up The Malevolent Seven countries that allow abortions after 20 weeks. The Washington Post examined, “abortion laws in 198 countries and other independent or “semiautonomous” regions with more than 1 million residents.”

This status classes the United States with human rights violators like China who have been caught harvesting prisoners’ organs and selling them. (1) Similarly, the US’s Planned Parenthood had its own abortion related organ harvesting scandal which was uncovered by the the Center for Medical Progress.

America is almost totally alone in the world in its barbaric and extreme attitude toward abortion.

However, states are routinely seeking to outlaw abortions after 20 weeks, which is the scientifically accepted point that an unborn child feels pain. Twelve states now have fetal pain laws. The Lozier Institute notes that:

Unborn babies are treated as patients by fetal surgeons, and receive pain medication (2):

  • Fetal surgeons recognize unborn babies as patients. A leading children’s hospital has performed nearly 1,600 fetal surgeries between 1995 and June 2017. Perinatal medicine now treats unborn babies as young as 16 weeks post-fertilization (18 weeks gestation). Pain medication for unborn patients is routinely administered as standard medical practice.
  • One of the premier fetal surgeons makes the obvious point: “Fetal therapy is the logical culmination of progress in fetal diagnosis. In other words, the fetus is now a patient.”
  • A European fetal surgery team states: “The administration of anesthesia directly to the fetus is critical in open fetal surgery procedures.”

In fact, the Lozier Institute asserts that unborn children actually feel more pain than adults since their capacity to inhibit pain is underdeveloped. They state, “Authors of a 2015 study used the fMRI technique to measure pain response in newborns … Babies had 18 out of 20 brain regions respond like adults, yet they showed much greater sensitivity to pain, responding at a level four times as sensitive as adults.”

Most countries consider our abortion stance to be fanatical. Nine out of ten Italian doctors refuses to perform abortions on moral grounds according to Relevant (3).

Some European countries outlaw abortion altogether. For example, the Irish are staunchly pro-life. Their 8th amendment protects the unborn and gives them full rights as citizens.

In Ireland the attitude about their 8th amendment is that, “It’s that rare thing: a law that can definitively be described as “life-saving”. Instead of attacking it, we should be applauding those who had the foresight to work for its inclusion at a time when there were no 4D scans that showed the awesome beauty of the child in the womb. It is truly a beacon of human rights protection, (4)” The Catholic Herald

Spain has moved legislatively to outlaw abortion altogether, while most other European nations restrict abortion to 12 weeks: Finland, Germany, Denmark, etc. Even Russia are each more progressive than the United States on the issue of unborn human rights.

Europe, South America, and most of Asia leave America almost totally alone in the world in its barbaric and extreme attitude toward abortion.

The United States needs to cowboy up and protect the unborn: American Exceptionalism shouldn’t be defined by its inclusion with human rights violators like China and North Korea.

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