The Berlin Wall Affair And the Day After Tomorrow

By Sarah-Marie Hoduski, October 2, 2017
It’s always the small people who change things. It’s never the politicians or the big guys. I mean, who pulled down the Berlin wall? It was all the people in the streets. The specialists didn’t have a clue the day before. —Luc Besson

Someone please explain why abortion in America is in crisis? Because it kind of feels like the Berlin Wall of Abortion is being pulled down by citizens with their bare hands… and no one is paying attention.

For instance,  the House of Representatives is voting on a Pain Capable Act tomorrow. Essentially, science has proven that children in the womb are capable of feeling pain at twenty weeks gestation. In order to protect these children from painful deaths twenty week abortion bans have been successfully instated in 20 states.

The real question is why is the wall of abortion crumbling at all?

There are several conflicting things:

First. Planned Parenthood has every possible advantage.

  • Planned Parenthood gets a ton of money from the government. More than half a billion dollars a year. Apart from this, they have an acknowledged 2 billion dollars in assets.
  • 96% of journalists donated to the Democrats in the last election: it seems safe to say they are cheerleading abortion. (1)
  • Guttmacher is the most respected (slash one of the only) data sources out there for abortion statistics. They are often called the left arm of Planned Parenthood.

While Pro-Life is super grass roots: crisis pregnancy centers, protests, websites, etc. are largely funded by private citizens.

And yet…

  • Sixty percent of abortion clinics have closed in the last twenty years.
  • Out of “1,074 abortion restrictions. (Since Roe v Wade) Of these, 288 (27%) have been enacted just since 2010. This gives the last five years the dubious distinction of accounting for more abortion restrictions than any other single five-year period since Roe.” (Guttmacher)
  • Teen pregnancies are down by 67% in the last 26 years. 9% drop in the last year alone, according to CNN
  • Crisis pregnancy centers outnumber abortion clinics 5:1. (2)
  • Abortions are the lowest that they have been since 1973 when it was first legalized. (3)
  • There are several states that have one abortion clinic left. Kentucky, West Virginia, North & South Dakota, Wyoming, etc. (4)
  • This month, a court case was heard that may make Kentucky the first state in the US to be completely abortion clinic free.
  • The current generation is very pro-life.
  • Last year, every business that supports Planned Parenthood asked to be removed from their website. Presumably, from the fallout when Coca Cola & Xerox demanded that their name be removed from the site’s sponsors because they were not supporting Planned Parenthood. (5)
  • Planned Parenthood came within one vote this Summer of being defunded
  • It came within two votes a week ago
  • Tomorrow, October, 3, 2017 the House will vote on making abortion after 20 weeks illegal

Even with all of these resources at the abortion agenda’s disposal the stones are being pulled from its foundations: dramatic social shifts against abortion, sweeping pro-child legislation, and impressive resources to aid those that choose life.

The day after tomorrow is a significant moment for those that support life. Clearly, the Abortion walls are already crumbling, but will they go suddenly and unforeseen by experts the way the Berlin Wall did?



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