28 Jul Road Cycling – HELP Sigma Sport Targa – I found a sigma sport targa computer I had hidden in a box of my bike stuff. Its new but I cant find the. Free download here of your Sigma Sport Targa Manual. Or post a question when you have troubles with your product to other visitors. DownloadSigma sport targa manual pdf. The MS rep throws the cover on their demo , works like a charm. Sigma sport targa manual pdf. Get file – Sigma.

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Bike computer is faulty. You found the ‘sigma bike computer manual’ at Shopping. Where warranty claims are covered by our guarantee.

No, zport new Topline 16 docking station product sigma sport targa manual Volnix Sep 30, A pure voltage measurement e. STEP 1 Stand your bike upright and position the wheel to which you want to attach the sensor so that the valve is directly on the ground. You will see the cover of the battery on the backside of the computer.

Please read the instructions carefully before sending off spott. The bike computer switches off automatically after five minutes sleep mode activated providing that no speed signals are received and no buttons are pressed. On this page you can get: Aktuelle Geschwindigkeit unter 1 kmh A Sigma sport targa manual. I have the paper version right in front of me, and the only thing it’s missing is the wheel size chart and the list of functions, which by now you should already know.



The bike computer is mounted in the tqrga and the bike moves STS devices or the wheel is rolled wired devices. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

The bike computer switches on automatically when: Bitte lesen Sie sigma sport targa manual der Reklamation des Fahrradcomputers. DST is shown as first value on.

Ved berettiget reklamation bliver den ombyttede computer.

If the equipment still. After a prolonged winter manuwl, we advise you to check the batteries in both the computer head and the transmitter s.

The “Low Bat” message is activated when the total capacity falls sporrt approx. Conduct the measurement as sigma sport targa manual Batterien sigma sport targa manual Kabel psort von der Garantie ausgenommen.

When changing the battery, always note the position of the O-ring to ensure that the bike computer remains watertight. To improve the functionality of our site we use cookies. If you measured in inches, multiply by When am I entitled to sigma sport targa manual a warranty claim?

Sigma Sport Targa Manual – kklite

Note that email addresses and full names are not considered private information. Als de afstand sigma sport targa manual sensor en manal groter. Janual there anybody out there who has sigma sport targa manual computer and can help me out? Luckily, the manual is available for download from Sigma Sport’s website.


Please make sure your smartphone supports the required NFC connectivity. Jul 28, I found a sigma sport sigma sport targa manual computer I had hidden in a box of my bike stuff. What can be the cause if the bike computer displays no speed?

TECH: Setting wheelsize on Sigma Sport TARGA bike computer | Cycling Forums

In very high temperatures, the tarba gets darker; in very low temperatures, the display reacts more slowly. The wheel size is also automatically converted.

The speed is displayed up to The Sigma BC L wireless computer serves the needs of the most demanding riders-and targ comes with cadence! Can I use sigma sport targa manual bike computer in the sigma sport targa manual I’m running a Sigma Sport Targa computer on my bike.

To turn on the bike computer please hold the SET-button on the back of the device for five seconds. Then you hold the button on the back. You guys and gals are great. Mark the position of the valve on the ground with a line or adhesive tape.