16 Oct As Penguin releases a 25th anniversary edition of The Great Indian Novel, its author and MP Shashi Tharoor tells the BBC why it would be. The Great Indian Novel [Shashi Tharoor, Shashi Tharoor] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Great Indian Novel takes its title not from. The Great Indian Novel [Shashi Tharoor] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Ved Vyas, India’s oldest surviving politician from the days of Raj, .

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The rather wild parallels, the masterful language, the totally irreverent tone and the lovely yarn. What two characters from Mahabharata and Indian Politics are same? I stumbled across it when shashk for another of Tharoor’s books. My regard for Mr Tharoor as a writer I emphasise: Eradicate the slightest threat!

The book was mostly interesting and entertaining but somewhat boring in some parts novrl nothing new was told there. Yes, it was terminal concupiscence he died of. She gains power after another election following the fall of the government. Note – I do not mean satire; I mean humour.

But, from what I do know, this novel read more like a history lesson our Gandhi-Nehru department of education never sanctioned. Dev Datta takes a vow of chastity, and one of thaaroor women Vyas sleeps with vows to take revenge against Datta. Counterpart to the Mahabharata ‘ s “Book of War Preparations.

In the court of history, Yudhishtir is stunned to find a place of honour given to Priya Duryodhani.

The Great Indian Novel

Here are two from the page I have open in front of me. Only Indians could have devised a method of political bargaining based on the threat of harm to yourself rather indiaan to your opponent…As a weapon, fasts are effective only when the target of your action values your life more than his convictions— or at least feels that society as a whole does. There is a rumour that Gangaji will address a rally at the Bibighar Gardens an allusion to the “Bibighar,” which figures prominently in A Jewel in the Crown.


These are my two favorites from the book: And what could that stupid Congii would have written? The Great Indian Novel is a unique take on Indian history.

This part I do not agree with tharokr. Z”the maharaja of Manimir, tries to avoid acceding either to India or Karnistan.

Can someone help me map out the lesser known characters, 1: Aug 13, Hari Donthi rated it did not like it. Filled with lots of laughter. Karna considers his options after the Muslim Group’s candidates are bested by Muslim members of the Kaurava Party in the elections. It isn’t worth the effort if you are well-versed in neither. Arjun violates the rule when he goes to retrieve the manuscript of a speech while Yudhishtir and Draupadi are together.

Ashwathaman is appointed head of the party organisation. Morarji Desaithe honest but ineffective fourth prime minister; the Indian Judiciary. Yudhishtir proves to be “as stiff and straight-backed and humourless as his critics had always portrayed him, and his colossal self-righteousness was not helped by his completely inability to judge the impression he made on others.

Ashwathaman, Drona’ son and the leader of a socialist splinter party, is invited by Priya Duryodhani to join the Kaurava Party Working Committee. Tharoor has struck goldmine here: She assumes dictatorial powers and arrests her opponents.

The Great Indian Novel. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

The Great Indian Novel Summary

It was an audacious attempt. For my generation, fed on Batman’s savior tactics and deprived of Yudhistra’s innate righteousness, texts such as these bring back the revered concept of Dharma. The five Pandavas and Priya Duryodhani grow up, each revealing their characters. If you like to get your history in fiction form, this is ahashi a great intro to the Indian independence movement.


Why Shashi Tharoor’s Great Indian Novel still appeals – BBC News

By looking at his views during the period of his writing of the novel, I am sure that he did not have intention of joining Congress anytime. Priya Duroydhani and Ashwathaman then champion a bill to nationalise the banks. Regarding enemies, I only wish You’d learn from the fisherman’s book; He traps and slits and strips his fish, And burns what he dosent cook.

Karnathe elder brother of the Pandavas, who becomes an associate of Duryodhan after the Pandavas reject him. That’s what the 2 stars are for, because I caught glimpses of good reasoning in a few pages that showed that his intentions were not bad.

While enjoying sexual congress with both at once, he suffers a “massive coronary thrombosis” and is prohibited from ever again engaging in sexual intercourse. Arjun and Krishna become close friends and Arjun falls for Krishna’s sister, Subhadra. During an epidemic, a Sarah Moore persuades her brother, sashi manager of a jute mill in Budge Budge, near Calcutta, to offer the mill workers a bonus. He dies when he finally succumbs to the charms of his second wife on an aeroplane. When Arjun has to share an academic prize with Ekalavya, the son of a maidservant, Ekalavya admits that he has been sharing in the Pandavas’ lessons thw standing outside the door.

President Ekalavya concedes to the seizure of emergency powers.