View and Download Roland Fantom X6 user manual online. Roland Fantom X6: User Guide. Fantom X6 Electronic Keyboard pdf manual download. Also for. View and Download Roland Fantom-X6 owner’s manual online. Roland Owner’s Manual CD Player Fantom-X6, Fantom-X7, Fantom-X8. Fantom-X6 Electronic. features of the Roland Fantom-X family of products. Much of . Sounds of the Fantom-XWorkshop series booklet for instructions on adding a sound to the.

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If you use the RPS function during realtime recording, the pattern performance will be recorded just as it occurs. Use the MFX equalizer and spectrum Boosting the high-frequency region of a sound will usually produce a brighter sound that cuts through the backing roland fantom x6 manual.

This is called the pad trigger function. You can achieve fortissimo ff play with a roland fantom x6 manual forceful touch than usual, so the keyboard feels lighter. If not using a rack or stand, you still Main Features Cutting-edge sound engine that unifies audio and MIDI The Fantom-X inherits the same sound engine that was acclaimed on the Fantom-S, unifying synthesizer and sampler into a single sound generator.

In Performance mode, this roland fantom x6 manual be set for each part of the performance p. By applying portamento when Mono mode is selected see the preceding itemyou can simulate performance effects such as slurring on a violin.


The wah effect will be applied over a wide frequency roland fantom x6 manual. Fantom-X Editor assigns parameters to sliders and knobs in the computer screen, allowing you to work efficiently in a graphical editing environment. Using samples in audio tracks Editing an audio track You can edit an audio track by moving or copying the samples rlland the audio rolanr. Playing Back a Song Changing the Playback Tempo of a Song The tempo at which a roland fantom x6 manual will play back is recorded on its tempo track, but the tempo of the entire song can be adjusted during playback.



Clearing Roland fantom x6 manual Sequencer Clearing the sequencer At the factory settings, demo song data will be loaded into the Fantom-X each time you switch it on. If an unsuitable screwdriver is used, the head of the screw may be stripped. Specify the key range in which the selected manuzl will sound.

Using the knobs to control an assigned function You can use the knobs to control the functions you specify.

In addition to using these built-in rhythm patterns, you can also create your own. The pan of the tone will be changed only when the next note is played. Rolanf is best to sample at as high a volume as possible, but excessive volume will cause distortion. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without the.

By using MIDI to connect two or more V-LINK compatible devices, you can easily enjoy performing a wide range roland fantom x6 manual visual effects that are linked to the expressive elements of roland fantom x6 manual music performance. fantok

Layer screen and Mixer screen. Recording Songs Correct the Timing of Your Playing as You Record Recording Quantize The Quantize function automatically corrects inaccuracies in the timing of your keyboard or rolnd performance, aligning the notes to accurate timing intervals.


Roland Fantom-X6 Owner’s Manual

About mastering Mastering is the process of roland fantom x6 manual a compressor or equalizer to add finishing touches to the final sound. Contents Using the Fantom-X live Editing a Sample Maximizing the Volume of a Sample Normalize This operation raises the level of the entire sample as much as possible without exceeding the maximum level.

Some of the effects consist of two or more different effects connected in series. During realtime recording, you can quantize while you record. Page – Transferring Files to or from Your Compu Output to reverb in mono.

Use The Mfx Equalizer Tip 3: Output in stereo through multi-effects. When in monaural mode, only the left side L is specified. This sets the keyboard to a light touch.

Roland Fantom X6 User Manual

Playing Just One Component Of A Patch Playing roland fantom x6 manual one component of a patch Suppose you have found a favorite patch that combines piano and strings, and would like to play just the piano component of this patch. As described in the basic procedure, select the file that you want to copy. Roland Fantom X6 Supplementary Manual 28 pages. Page 25 – Using the pads Page 26 – Selecting sounds Page 27 – Adjusting roland fantom x6 manual touch sensitivity of the p