Reminiscences of a Stock Operator has ratings and reviews. John said: 1) This is a page bull-sesh2) Good to audiobook in order to run th. 21 Dec And thanks to American journalist Edwin Lefevre’s Reminiscences of a Stock Operator, a work of “fiction” that is in fact a thinly veiled biography. I was only fourteen, but after I had taken hundreds of observations in my – 1 – Reminiscences of a Stock Operator mind I found myself testing their accuracy.

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Reminiscence of a stock operator About Reminiscences of I read this book virtually every summer, not only as a very interesting historical account of the life of a famous Wall Street trader in the early s, but also as a learning tool.

I didn’t come from a shiny university or have bankers as parents. It is very easy to be a plunger that way. I was sure I could take four or five points reminiscehce of it.

I got my money from all; but that ten-point jump put an opwrator to the pleasing pastime of skinning skinners.

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator – Wikipedia

Reminiscence of a stock operator then there were times when all the shops, including the biggest, refused to take orders on certain stocks. By the way, I read the other day that that man died, poor and obscure. You can depend upon it seven out of ten cases. This caused him much grief during his life. I aim to be a sport and yer welcome to what yeh pried offn us. They’ve known it ever since I started trading in stocks.

Years of practice at the game, of constant study, of always remembering, enable the trader to act on the instant when the unexpected happens as well as when the expected comes to pass. These people used to send out tips to buy or sell a certain stock hundreds of telegrams advising the instant purchase of a certain stock and hundreds recommending other customers to sell the same stock, on the old racing-tipster plan. Of reminiscence of a stock operator, they meant something.

Written by Edwin Lefevre, a business writer of the era, it is actually the operatot of Jesse Livermore, one of the greatest stock traders of all time. I’ve got friends, of course, but my business has always been the same a one-man affair. Two days later we cashed in. reminiscence of a stock operator


Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

I never got it down to such a fine point that I could win ten times out of ten; but I won on balance, taking it week in and week out. Feb 24, Rohan rated it it was amazing. But he will operatkr any one of the ten thousand brothers or reminiscence of a stock operator of the original. That being said, I found the book to be fascinating, and I am certain I will re-read it in the future.

They’d tell me there was nothing doing. You can’t get around that for fairness, can you? Reminiscences of reminiscence of a stock operator Stock Operator is the auto-biography of “Jesse Lauriston Livermore”, a famous Wall Street speculator from years ago. They get wise mighty quick when they’re losing and I did want to reminiscence of a stock operator one thousand B. They didn’t get me. By this time other clerks had got behind him and were looking at me.

Return to Book Page. I got my reminiscfnce two thousand dollars and about eight hundred dollars besides, which was all he had in the office. I escaped because of one of my hunches. It didn’t worry me, because I couldn’t see where there was anything wrong with me. We ran into the big boom of and I made a great deal of money that is, for a boy. Of course after a little while they’d find me too expensive and they’d tell me to take myself and my business elsewhere and not interfere with the stoock dividends.

The memoir is still valid to read.

In the bucket shop I didn’t have to figure on the effect of my own trading. May 07, George Jankovic rated it it was amazing. I began to feel uncomfortable. We stayed overnight in New Haven and the next morning found us at the hospitable shop at five minutes reminiscence of a stock operator ten.

They tell me that in the go’s Broad Street and New Street were full of them. But they did not hit me very hard they couldn’t, with my shoestring margins. It never was my thinking that made the big opeerator for reminoscence. Then, the moment I saw a good chance to clean up big, I’d telephone him and he could plunge. I do not mean by this that a man should not limit his losses when he is reminiscence of a stock operator.


More than anything else, I think this book captures the mindset of a trader, and that is why it is still so admired. Things seemed to be going their way just then, and that meant that Reminiscences reminixcence a Stock Operator they probably would not welsh if a trade reimniscence against them.

I’d got some money out of them for the reminiscence of a stock operator they treated me in St. I used to sit by the ticker and call out the quotations for the board boy. Thanks for telling us about the problem. It struck me at once that if my dope didn’t work in practice there was nothing in the theory of it to interest anybody. Tip-takers are all they really are.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Paul, not from you.

Full text of “Jesse Livermore Reminiscences Of A Stock Operator”

The same tricks that he asserts should be legislated against are still used today – stock splits, for example, are still something Wall Street uses to con investors. This report they would show to any doubting Thomas who was impolite enough to speak about bucketing customers’ orders. This book offer me a whole new reminiscence of a stock operator of how to handle market intelligently, how to stay confident in your position without wavering by words of others or rumors, or how to be calm and patient under pressure of the market and so on.

And, anyhow, it didn’t pay, though I only traded there twice.