PROJECT IF LIFE Blog: October 6, 2017

October 6, 2017

Our Dear Friends and Family,

Cruising through this last week of riding! Anna is out doing the Appalachians; the fall colors are spectacular! For a treat, today, she had chocolate milk from the cows in the area. Anna just crossed into Virginia. The last state of the journey before she hits DC, as I type this! We have experienced so much kindness and beauty in this state. There are historical markers everywhere— mountain by mountain, it feels like secret places with sweet people living tucked away.

Megan nearly adopted a cat, yesterday, on our hike along a river. In Halloween fashion it was black with pumpkin orange eyes. The lovely girl that has been caring for these strays had borrowed money at one time to afford kitten formula. There are so many precious people along this route.

Also yesterday, we met a gentleman with Keyser Inn that was so kind— he gave Megan home cooked ribs, beans, and coleslaw out of the blue for us for lunch. When we told him about the project he donated to the end object and was very encouraging!

We are nearly there: planning the end rally/speech at the Lincoln Memorial and figuring out meetings for the week following our finish. Please continue praying for the remaining portion of this project: Anna’s knees, connections, and that we would be at the right place at the right time.

All Our Love,

Sarah-Marie Hoduski

& The Project If Life Team