PROJECT IF LIFE Blog: October 10. 2017

October 10, 2017

Our Dear Friends and Family,

We left Roland and Yvette Warrens’ home this morning. They have an 1850’s brick cabin that we got to stay in; it was so Jane Austen that we watched the movie Emma one night to celebrate. The Rolands stocked us with our favorite things: great cheese, sparkling water, dark chocolate; it was so lovely! Roland is the president of Care Net— it was really neat to hear his heart for men in the pro-life movement. 

Today was a crazy, amazing day! Anna spoke at Patrick Henry College, where the students and staff were very welcoming. They were a great audience; Anna did a fantastic job tailoring her message. Megan and I were laughing right along with the kids at some of the outrageous things we’ve done on this trip.

After speaking at Patrick Henry College, we headed to the Family Research Council building. Annie spoke in front of the capitol dome for their Facebook live event. We got a tour of the building, which was a really neat experience! We use their data a lot in our research on abortion statistics. Amy Cheng with their offices helped coordinate our housing near the capitol for this week, which was huge blessing!

We are on our way to go to Kansas Senator Jerry Moran’s office to meet with his staff. (He is back in Kansas right now). We are excited to talk with them about the upcoming fetal pain bill that would make abortion after 20 weeks illegal. We’re currently trying to find parking— DC makes that pretty exciting.

All our love,

Sarah-Marie Hoduski

& The Project If Life Team