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Signature of applicant also sign section 5 Signature of other parent or legal guardian Aussi accessible en fran ais PPTC R1 – Page 1 of 8 Previous. of age, use this application form (PPTC ) to apply. Who May Apply for a Passport on Behalf of a Child? One of the parents;. The custodial parent in cases of. 28 Sep Proof of Canadian Citizenship PPTC * (PDF KB). Child passport application (for Canadians under 16 years of age). Child Passport.

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One of the pictures must ppttc certified and signed by your guarantor, as shown on the application form instruction sheets. Further Information Read more on passports: Read more on pptc 155 Documentary proof of Canadian citizenship originals only.

Pptc fees and forms of payment. The custodial parent in cases of. Pptc 155 may delay the processing time of the passport. A Manual for Parents. It will be returned pptc you. Please note pptc passport fees are not refundable if the application is cancelled. At a Passport Canada service pptd At a participating 1155 Post office At a pptc Service Canada Centre Our service locations are listed on page pptc 155 of this application and on our website at www.

Pptx to main content Skip to primary navigation. One of the parents. Photo studios located in Polanco. Whether travelling alone or accompanied by an adult, each child travelling abroad must have pptc 155 valid passport and may also require supporting pptc Use your computer Mac or PC.

If you are the parent or legal guardian applying pptc ppt passport for the child, you cannot sign as guarantor. Find a Passport Form Canadian passport applications. Find a Passport Form. pptc 155


However, passport applications and related forms pptc 155 available from these service locations or may be obtained online at www. If you are a pptc Mexican, pptc send a photocopy of your naturalization paper.

Any personal information collected pptc 155 be administered in accordance with the Pptc of Employment and Social Development Actthe Privacy Act and potc applicable privacy laws governing the protection of personal information under the control of the Department of Employment and Social Development. Please complete and sign the Credit Card Authorization and attach it to your passport application.

pptc 155

Specific information is available during regular office hours. Sometimes if you try to open the form directly, it will use your Internet browser to try to open it. Adult passport application for Canadian citizens 16 years pptc 155 over: To avoid possible delays, we strongly recommend pptc 155 you provide a long-form birth certificate showing information on both parents. We accept Visa or MasterCard credit card payments.

Find a Passport Form

Pptc 155, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile. Please read the information concerning accepted methods of payment under Fees below. Documents to be enclosed To obtain pptc new passport, please send the following documents: Use of a professional guarantor: Skip to main content Skip to “About this site” Skip to section menu.

If you are applying from outside Canada and the United States. If you submit your pptc 155 in person, bring the original of your pptc 155. Forms to support your application.

Please specify the following when requesting application forms: One of the pictures must be certified and signed by your guarantor, as shown on the application form instruction sheets. Pptc 155 Assistance If you have problems accessing these forms, or to request printed forms, please contact pptc 155 Embassy of Canada in Mexico. Are there pptc separation agreements, court orders or legal proceedings pertaining to custody or mobility of, or access to the child?


If a divorce has been granted, a copy of the divorce judgement or order must also be provided. To pptc strengthen Canadian passport security, the photo is stored on an alphanumeric template and incorporated into the passport as a digital image. Pptc Embassy pptc Canada cannot assume any responsibility for the professional qualifications, integrity, or services of the persons and institutions listed below. Original proof of Canadian Citizenship Canadian birth certificate pptc 155 Canadian Citizenship certificate from the Canadian pptc 155 is required.

Credit card payments can also be made in person. You may also order a copy online or pptc an online version: Documents to be enclosed To obtain a new passport, please pptc 155 the following documents: Pptc 155 previous passport, regardless of the issue date.

Eyes pptc 155 be open and clearly visible. If you wish to pptc information related to this survey, you may submit a request to the Department of Employment pptc Social Development pursuant to the Access to Information Act.

Find a passport form –

Pptc 155 special situationsother ppgc may apply. If you pptc your application in person, bring the original of your ptpc. Current fees and forms of payment. Your guarantor must perform free of pptc the following TWO 2 tasks: