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Pharmako/Gnosis has ratings and 14 reviews. Will said: If you’re interested in psychoactive drugs, but don’t want to take any (like me), this book is. Pharmako/Gnosis: Plant Teachers and the Poison Path includes a new introduction The Pharmako series includes the predecessor volumes Pharmako/Poeia. Publisher: North Atlantic Books Year: Format: Softcover Edition: New edition Condition: New This is the second volume of North Atlantic Books’ updated.

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This book is great, but the guy is not nearly as into mushrooms as he should be.

Pharmako/Gnosis by Dale Pendell

The narrative explanation of the nature of these poison paths repeatedly opens itself up to repositioning and the gnowis is to create a fluid motion for what might otherwise have been a densely packed knowledge. This is the phantastica class, which includes the visionary plants and chemical hallucinogens like magic mushroomsthe San Pedro cactus, d-lysergic acid diethylamide LSD and N-N-dimethyltryptamine DMT.

The books form an interrelated suite of works that provide the reader with a unique, reliable, and often personal immersion in this medically, culturally, and spiritually fascinating subject. These beautiful tomes deal with the wonders, dangers, and possibilities of the most powerful chemists on earth, plants and fungi. Contemporary alchemist Dale Pendell completes his three-volume poetic study of botany, chemistry, spirituality, psychology and history with a book covering the composition and uses of visionary plants.

It also deals with the group daimonica that includes ketamine, iboga and the Amanita muscaria, or fly agaric, mushroom. Pharmacognosis is the branch of pharmacology that deals with herbs and unprepared medicines in their natural state, those whose cure is held in a deeper wisdom. The last in the series and my favorite of them all Semjaza rated it it was amazing Jun 28, No eBook available Amazon.


It was easy to read and would be a good book for a psychopharmacological novice. Oct 23, Will rated it it was amazing Shelves: Let the oracles come alive again, not like something you read about in a book, but an actual cave that speaks, that will answer questions Pendell The literary experience of phantastica is so often an oscillation between these poles and whether they are associated with pathology as cause or cure or the visionary experience, the tension pervades the phantastica discourse.

In chapters “Phantastica,” “Hypnotica,” and “Telephorica,” Pendell explores hallucinogenic plants, the bringers of sleep, and the bearers of distance. He has led workshops on ethnobotany and ethnopoetics for the Naropa Institute and the Botanical Preservation Corps.

Scott Lee rated it it was amazing Sep 15, The rest of the book was packed with valuable information and entrancing stories about medicines that fit into t Pendell has surprised me yet again with another great book.

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Dec 09, David rated it really liked it. Plant Teachers and the Poison Path.

Pharmako/Gnosis: Plant Teachers and the Poison Path

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Author Bio Dale Pendell was a visionary American phafmako, lecturer, artist, and myth critic whose numerous publications covered subjects including shamanism and anarchy, the history of medicinal plants, and the philosophical origins of cultural myths.

These begin to mark out the boundaries of their integration, or penetration, into a social formation. Oct 16, Michael rated it it was amazing.


Pharmako/Gnosis by Dale Pendell – Psychedelic Press UK

Achille M rated it really liked pharmao Mar 16, Pharmacognosis is the branch of pharmacology that deals with herbs and unprepared medicines in their natural state, those whose cure is held in a deeper wisdom. Pharmaok Ingalls rated it it was amazing Jul 31, Great references and beautifully interwoven accounts on hallucinogenic plants, shamans, anthropology. No trivia or quizzes yet. The Poet of Plants The disjointed nature of the information made it somewhat difficult for me to follow. Lists with This Book.

Some circles, especially circles of friends who know each other, maybe gnosos semiannual equinox or solstice circle, begin with MDMA, and move to a puarmako several hours later, LSD, mushrooms, or phenethylamines such as 2-CB or 2-CI. A noted poet, he was the founding editor of the avant-garde magazine Kuksu and a cofounder of the Primitive Arts Institute and has led workshops on ethnobotany and ethnopoetics for the Naropa Institute and the Omega Institute.

Five hundred mics is a good round figure. Coming at the topic from an approach not unlike The Botany of Desire maybe plants are far more aware than we give them creditMr. Md rated it really liked it May 31, My library Help Advanced Book Search.