Our America is an award-winning film based on the book Our America: Life And Death on the by LeAlan Jones, Lloyd Newman, and David Isay. Music by. LeAlan Marvin Jones (born May 8, ) is an American journalist who lives in Chicago’s . Our America: Life and Death on the South Side of Chicago (with co- authors Lloyd Newman, David Isay and John Anthony Brooks) Simon and. Our America has ratings and reviews. Vivienne said: A very powerful book. At times, it can get too heavy-handed and narrowly focused for my own.

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Models of Courageous Citizenship.

Our America by LeAlan Jones

Unfortunately many of the issues explored here still plague us today. Again, and again, they return to the building where Eric Morse died to talk to residents and interview members of his family. This book is a podcast from two 13 year old best friends that grew up in the wells which is a project in west chicago in It’s not saying that we’re less educated from the community that we come lfalan, it’s just that we dialogue in different terms.

He has been critical of credit default swapsderivatives trading and the financial industry as a whole, saying “a bunch of guys on Wall Street have done more to devastate the white community than any black man ever could. And when they–if they watched this interview with you, what–what–based on your experience in the past, what will they tell you after it’s over?

I’ve spoken to adults. No topic is too tough for them to handle. This bo I think this book is great so far. This guy was on a pay phone and somebody that rode by–it was a drive-by and they shot him. This book is powerful on its own, But it more or less it deserves to be spread to give people a reality check of how bad things are in ghettos, and how things need to change ASAP. I would highly recommend “Our America”.


There’s no really–there’s not really drugs. They won’t sell jonez to you for what the stores sell them to you for. Who are some of the most important people you’ve ever met ameriva your life? ,ealan a lot of gang activity, a lot of selling drugs, a lot of poverty, a lot of hopelessness.

Our America | Book by Lealan Jones | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

The recordings made by ohr duo centered around interviews with the boys’ families, friends, and members of the community. This rough yet eloquent report from the edge of humanity forcefully reminds us that a new generation is even now struggling to survive on our urban battlefields, and to escape.

That’s the way we–that’s the way I believe I deal with it and a lot of other people deal with it. But again, what do you think–you know, was there a person or p–or several people, anybody besides your grandparents, your mother that–that i–impressed you to go the other laelan

That’s the–that’s a–the high-rise Ida B. It’s not like I’m going to sit there and be just a regular speaker.

Your Cart items Cart total. Mercury By Lesley-Ann Jones. Be the first to discover new talent! They also wrote it to show people not to judge eachother just by the way they look, live, or where they come kealan. Feb 25, Tawfeeq added it. I mean, that’s a picture of someone who moved out and threw their furniture out because they didn’t–they–I mean, why take trash like that to an–to someplace better? We went about it just going around the community, interviewing people who we thought had good stories about Eric, who knew something about the case.


I guess when you start getting facial hair, because I’m still called a shorty and I’m If–if–if I were to hang around you and Steve and–and Lloyd and you were all talking the language, would I understand you? It means you got a lot of girls.

LeAlan Jones

The larger crime here is massive unemployment, which fosters despair and its familiar retinue of substance abuse, ohr pregnancy, and gang violence.

Later in the book you will meet a person named Chill, Chill is Lloyd father and is currently obsessed with drinking. Regardless of the situation, there’s going to be pressure.

His radio documentaries have received critical acclaim and numerous awards. Lloyd and LeAlan’s family members, friends, and principals, cops, and the conversations between Lloyd and Newman. I’ve testified before the Congressional Black Caucus. This was a tradgy because Eric was only five years old and his life was taken because lur choose not to steal candy for them.