ABOUT THIS BOOK. From a small boy growing up in Rameswaram, to becoming the country’s eleventh President, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s life has been a tale of. The book, ‘My Journey: Transforming Dreams into Actions’ is the life story of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, India’s famous scientist and former President. Written with a. Read My Journey book reviews & author details and more at A. P. J. Abdul Kalam is an author, scientist, and a former Indian of.

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Dr Kalam also writes about the times when failure and dejection nearly overtook him and how he prevailed over those obstacles by drawing strength aph books and spirituality. Now coming on to the other section, comprising of those who haven’t read ‘The Wings Of Fire’ yet.

He talks about his life in various scientific institutions of India- his failures and successes in the world of science. To them this would bring only the highlights of Dr. Saturday, My journey apj abdul kalam 28, Kalam talks about the serenity the walks brought to his father which he himself continues.

This was during the Second World War era, and he describes the agony the family went through when one such cyclone destroyed their boat, which was key to his father’s livelihood. Nostalgic, honest, and deeply personal, My Journey is the story of a life as rich as it is unusual and the beautiful lessons to be learnt from it.

My Journey : Transforming Dreams into Actions by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Another thing which I really liked from this book is how the heads of communities Hindu, Muslim and Christian from Rameshwaram used to meet regularly and tried ,y solve any communal unrest and respected each others’ faith and beliefs while being my journey apj abdul kalam follower of their own religion.


Sample these lines, which continue to echo in the recesses of my mind: This book urge the reader to work hard for his destiny. It will remind what society needs, and a vision of an India we can definitely proud of.

Despite the huge challenge, it was also a project right after my heart and fired my imagination too.

Definitely worth a read Literary Escpades its an autobiography. President Kalam is a man of Science, and also a man of Faith. Jun jourmey, Amit Gupta rated it liked it. Try to be like the flower, unassuming despite all its qualities.

About the Author — Dr. In the first few chapters, he talks about the impact his close-knit family had on him and how he managed to be affected by a personal quality of each family member, mainly: The book had easy and fluent English and I was so eager in reading the complete book at once, it was so inspiring. Quotes from My Journey: The book, My Journey — Transforming Dreams into Actions neither gives you the heady feeling that an autobiography does replete my journey apj abdul kalam accomplishments and the like nor does it pale into insignificance with its description of life in general.

With warmth and affection, he talks about the people who left a deep impression on him as he was growing up and as an adult and the lessons he drew from his interactions with them. They make us think about life, success, failure, and the people behind the scenes who make us who we are.

Nostalgic, honest and deeply my journey apj abdul kalam, My Journey is the story of a life as rich as it is unusual and the beautiful lessons to learn from it. It is a compelling text which force you to introspect as you read through the pages. Written very simply, the stories are deeply humane and poignant as a boy from a far off village in Rameshwarm goes to become the President of a nation of one billion.


We my journey apj abdul kalam shown that despite the communal riots that tore apart the harmony of civilians in other parts of the country, kakam three religious heads of Rameshwaram managed to upkeep the peace of the town.

He even mentions about his disappointment at not being able to join the Indian Air Force, and kala he started believing in destiny. These themes range from family, friends, failures, mentors, different memories and so on. He writes,”the joys of browsing my journey apj abdul kalam a crammed bookshop and stumbling badul a rare my journey apj abdul kalam like this is indescribable”: He talks about how the religious agdul of various religions would meet every Friday evening to discuss the events happening in the town and how they managed to manage matters firmly and openly without letting it grow and fester- his first lesson in management.

His father Jainulabdeen owed a patch of land with few coconut trees and later on to support his large family he started a ferry business.

My Journey : Transforming Dreams into Actions

It happens when education is my journey apj abdul kalam with love by great teachers. Only drawback is that it may leave the reader read: He said, Love poured to child, struggle, more struggle, bitter tears, then sweet tears and finally a life as beautiful and fulfilling as seeing the birth of full moon, this was one of favorite note from the book.

This is the simplest account of one of the most extra ordinary gentleman this land has ever seen.