Mehmed “Meša” Selimović was a Bosnian writer, whose novel Death and the Dervish is one of the most important literary works in post-Second World War. Meša Selimović, one of former Yugoslavia’s very best novelists, in his finest work offers his readers an extraordinarily intricate examination of Pogled u knjigu. Ashabi-Allahovog-Poslanika-sallallahu-alejhi-wa-sellem-Hilmi-Ali-Ša- ban. Sura Ja Sin (Transliteracija). A11 DK – EC5 dio 1. Pravni Propisi Dzenaze.

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Slusalac je babica u teskom porodjaju rijeci. View all 4 comments. Volio bih da zivim s laznom nadom nego sa sigurnim beznadjem. Nisam mogao pristati knige takvo beznadje, postoji valjda i neka druga mogucnost za ljude osim straha, ali sam zapamtio taj nauk, to zajednicko mucno iskustvo, selijovic je zagadjivalo zivot. It is a physical place that is instrumental to the plot, but it also represents several different life circumstances and states of mind.

A ko je izvukao iskustvo iz poraza? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Like its predecessor, it is set in medieval Bosnia, and its description of the intrigues and injustices of Ottoman rule are an allegory for Tito’s Yugoslavia although the book was never banned.

View all 9 comments. We believe in that we live in a just world, suffering people suffer because they must have done something to deserve this! I neces da mi kazes, iz sazaljenja?

Death and the Dervish

I was going to rate this book either one star or five stars. Oct 05, Fatima rated it it was amazing. In this thought provoking book, Selimovic questions our rigid beliefs knjgie world, mess, relationships and what’ s happening around us basing on Ahmed Nuruddin’s A Mevlevi Dervish formerly living in his world established on absolute truths story and portrays his moral dilemmas strikingly.

Discovering that almost all of his family has died of the plague, Ahmet first works for Mula Ibrahim, a clerk he rescued in battle.


This book is a huge favorite of mine and I’m quite surprised that I haven’t written about it – yet. Or, still more important—if he desires to understand. One can imagine that writing under the keen watchful eye selimovi a communist state made Selimovi’ resort to this tactic.

Meša Selimović

Mar 24, Erik Graff rated it liked it Recommends it for: Ili nesto jos vaznije. And it WAS really good. Jun 10, A. Let’s say this is a book about people. Can we manage to pr All we try to do in life is have a congruent and balanced view about the world, people and what’s happening around us.

Meša Selimović – Wikipedia

Ono sto nije zapisano, i ne postoji; bilo pa umrlo. Lists with This Book. Delving deep into the Bosnian past in this dense historical novel, he charts the 18th-century adventures of narrator Ahmet Shabo, who returns with a heavy heart to Sarajevo from the battle of Chocim, in Russia.

Not This book is a huge favorite of mine and I’m quite surprised that I haven’t written about it – yet. This is life in pages. So much seemed so unconnected to so much else, and the shifting ways characters behaved towards one another sometimes appeared almost random, to the point that it was not possible to trust your own impressions of who anybody is or just what the eff is going on.

To pred njima ne treba reci, ali su muskarci glupi, sujetni, uobrazeni, ne vrijede mnogo, medju nama receno. Samo je obicno kratak.

Vise je dobrih ljudi na svijetu nego zlih. To this day, when I’m feeling perplexed about life and my existence and all those, to quote the Pythons, “meaning of life” questions, I just read a couple of sentences from here, and I immediately feel my confusion fading. Zasto sam se odvojio od nje? Svako jutro sam odlazio od kuce, nadajuci se da ce jednom zvijezde biti u povoljnom polozaju za mene, pa cu naci na nekog ko ce mi pomoci.


Hard Waking Up from Learning to Change: When his brother is arrested, he must descend into the Kafkaesque world of the Turkish authorities in his search to discover what happened to him.

At that time he participated in the Soko athletic organisation. Took my breath away. I was more than halfway through the book before I realized that characters who had initially played incidental roles were suddenly at the center of the plot and I should have gotten to know them better when they were introduced. Zlata bi mu vrijedila ta gruba rijec, ta tvrdinja u koju bi se mogao ukopati.

I bio sam srecan sto sam makar na nesto u drugom covjeku naisao prvi put, i samo radi mene. After the war, he briefly resided in Belgradeand in he moved to Sarajevowhere he was the knjibe of High School of Pedagogy and Faculty of Philology, art director of Bosna Film, chief of the drama section of the National Theater, and chief editor of the publishing house Svjetlost.

Kad mi je tesko, bjezim u samocu. Refresh and try again. Ali mu ne dam zadovoljstvo da se opere mojom grubom rijeci, toliko nije zasluzio Ona je zemlja koja me hrani sokovima, ona je vazduh koji udisem, ona je suncana strana moga zivota.


Kad mi je jos teze, trazim dobre ljude. Refresh and try again.

There is simply a lot of information left out. Oct 22, Ivana S.

Hugely successful when published in the s, Death and the Dervish has continued to enchant the reader with equal power ever since. Da nisam nasao tebe, bio bih ljut na zivot, pa ne bih imao nista, kao ni sada, ali ne bih znao sta je sreca.

It also made me want to read the book.