Magic Rises is the sixth instalment in the Kate Daniels series, after Magic Slays, and marking a return to the main series line after last year’s. The smart latest installment of Andrews’s semi-post-apocalyptic urban fantasy series (after Gunmetal Magic) takes mercenary Kate Daniels and. Magic Rises Ilona Andrews Kate and Curran are pulled out of their Atlanta home territory and into the muck of European shapeshifter politics.

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A wolf princess, Desandra is pregnant with twins by both packs.

This partially ruined the experience for me. But now I think we are in for a great ride. You need to prepare yourself. I loved all the earlier Kate Daniels books, they had the right balance of plot, action, romance and humour.


Because not only does she have to deal with death and dismemberment, there is now a woman after her man. It was a great sendoff, but andrewz, it hurts. Also, Kate is magoc a great liar — she spent her whole fucking life hiding who she was, she regularly has to act in front of the pack so they don’t see her weaknesses or tiredness, she hid her emotions and feelings from everyone growing up.

This was the most emotional book for me of the series. All in all I can safely say that this book hits all the right spots for returning readers and preps up the sequel volume nicely as there a few deaths and status quo changes that will have far-reaching consequences down the line. Honestly, it’s really got me wondering what’s coming up in future books. The European packs have something that Kate and Curran desperately need, a medicine that drastically reduces the chances of a child going loup; a medicine that they can get no where else.

Fantasy Book Critic: Magic Rises by Ilona Andrews (Reviewed by Lydia Roberts and Mihir Wanchoo)

By the end of Kate and Curran’s conversation, they didn’t sort anything out – Curran made dumb excuses and then Kate made even more dumb excuses for him. He took the lead and we followed him through the hospital wing to a round room. Sixth book redeemed Gunmetal Magic – plot development, characters, world building – absolutely flawless.


It has exactly the thing I hate the word is too mild. Come on, Kate, I need you for this fight. They are if nothing else passionate. The Shadowdance series by David Dalg Basically, there are some European Packs who have access to a special blend of herbs that can stop a shifter from going loup. My dear Edgar, always so supportive. The invalid part was pretty superhero-esque.

I’m sick of all their rubbish, the series feels more about the pack than about Kate. View all 30 comments. She was really judgmental and unsympathetic towards her especially at the beginning. I still hated Mahon, his whole acceptance of Kate was a case of too little, too late. Mercenary Kate Daniels and her mate, Curran, the Beast Lord, are struggling to solve a heartbreaking crisis.

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Magic Rises

We all know how important Kate is I felt that Kate, more than anyone in this book, grew by leaps and bounds as a person. Thankfully, there was plenty going on and that wasn’t focused on too much. I listened to Meredith sing and wished I had more magic. It is a perilous journey and they are guaranteed nothing but treachery when they arrive, especially when they see who is hosting the party It was the least we could do for her.

I say all this, but when you finish reading the book, the only thing you’ll be thinking about will be emotional roller coaster we go through with Kate and Curran.

The monster on the left raised its head. Meredith slipped off andrwws chair. As it was, it felt like one of those movies whose ending didn’t screen well resulting in the tacked on “happily-ever-after” version hello, I Am Legend. Seconds crawled by, towing minutes in their wake. Curran and Consort are invited to Europe rrises protect a pregnant were involved in a major dispute between European shapeshifter packs. I never expected to say that, but I really disliked Curran in this book.


My boyfriend thinks I’m crazy. You’re so funny sometimes, you crack my eises self up. Being invited to the Moon Dance by a boy was understandably a big deal. You can be fully aware of the danger and the plotting, but an occasional act of kindness can make his teeth seem not quite so big. From the time I could remember myself, my adoptive father Voron honed me into a weapon.

Or maybe I’m just weird. Curran and Consort are invited to Europe to protect a ilina were involved in a major dispute b Good heavens, most of the reviews GR shows on the first page are so full of fangirl squeeing that I can’t read for the gifs and shouting fonts. I cannot really discuss them to avoid giving spoilers, but the interactions between them are great with one notable exception and the new ones are interesting if literally crazy – most of them.

I recommend flipping to the end and starting with An Ill-Advised Rescue if you haven’t already read it on their website which is a fully-contained short story that relates to the beginning of Magic Rises ; also, it’s just more awesome times with Kate.

It would have still hurt her — so her responses would have been genuine.