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Al-Hajj 22 Ayat No: They were satisfied with what Muhammad had uttered and said, “We recognize that it is God who gives life and death, who creates and who provides sustenance, but if these gods of ours intercede for us with him, and if you give them a share, we are with you.

Then Gabriel came to the apostle and said, “What have you done Muhammad? Additionally several other Islamic scholars on Hadith traditions support the event’s occurrence. Suhalyl; together with a number of others numbering thirty three men. Well, the proof is presented here. There is no allusion to anything else in the biographical material.

Forum des ex-musulmans orthodoxes

I have not been able to find Wakidi’s entire work in English but Wakidi’s work satniques quoted by W. Meteo,en clair ca donne quoi? Yet, the messenger of God was not clear at this point until the protection of God “isma” reached him and he then became attentive again.

The fact that all of the earliest Islamic sources agree on the event is substantial evidence that it occurred. But when they got near Mecca they learned that the report was false, so that they entered the town under the protection of a citizen or by stealth. The meanings for tamanna and umniyyah, “recite” and “recitation”, are well attested see Lisan s.

En fait il y a combien de versets unique dans le coran ? – Forum des ex-musulmans orthodoxes

The Prophet performed a prostration when he finished reciting Surat an-Najm, and all the Muslims and pagans and Jinns and human beings prostrated along with him. Tow verses are referred to, but the second is not quoted. Thus God relieved his prophet’s grief, and made him feel safe from his fears and annulled what Satan had suggested in the words used above about their gods by his revelation.

Ibn al-Mughirah and Abu Uhayhah who prostrated behind the prophet. Ziyad al-Madani – Muhammad b. So you shall purge the evil from your midst. Then you should have found none to help you against Us. The second passage is in chapter 22, called “The Pilgrimage”, Al-Hajjverses 52, With his love for his tribe and his eagerness for their welfare it would have delighted him if some of the difficulties wataniques they made for him could have been smoothed out, and he debated with himself and fervently desired such an outcome.


Muhammad admitted his sinful error and was then comforted by Allah. As soon as the messenger of God prostrated for prayer as the vu of the sura, all who sataniqurs present did it with him and felt pleased that is, the unbelievers felt pleased that their goddesses had been verses as intercessors with God.

He makes Satan’s interjections a temptation for those whose hearts are diseased, whose hearts are hardened When he came to the prostration, having completed the surah, he prostrated himself and the Muslims did likewise, following their prophet, trusting in the message which he had brought and following his example.

The Hadith and Quran also contain direct references. Yet here, something Muhammad said, caused them to prostrate with him and the Muslims, in “one accord”. Ishaq told him from Yazid b. Then God sent down “by the star when it sets your comrade errs not and is not deceived, he speaks not from his own desire,” and when he reached His words “Have you thought of al-Lat and al-Uzza and Manat the third, the other 5Satan, when he was mediating upon it, and desiring to bring it sc.

Tous 1 jour 7 jours 2 semaines 1 mois 3 mois 6 mois 1 an Trier par: Moinul Haq, published by the Pakistan Historical Society. The Quraysh left delighted by the mention of ckran gods which they had hared, saying,”Muhammad has mentioned our goes in the most favorable way possible, stating in his recitation that they are the high flying cranes and that their intercession is received with approval.

Muir quotes Wakidi as writing: Those polytheists of the Quraysh and others who were in the mosque likewise prostrated themselves because of the reference to their gods which they had heard, so that there was no one in the mosque, believer orunbeliever, who did not prostrate himself.

In fact Muhammad wished corn God would not reveal anything further to him that would further alienate his fellow Arabs. Those of the companions of the messenger of God who had left Abyssinia upon hearing that Quraysh had accepted Islam by prostration themselves with the messenger of God now approached. Perhaps he should have been able to use that for the purpose of converting them and causing them to be dissuaded from their error and obstinacy.


Where they were at a distance of one hour’s walk from Makkah, sataniquess confronted some horsemen of Kinanah. Allah est Omniscient et Sage. This event is documented by the four early biographical writers of Muhammad’s life: And if We had not made you wholly firm you might almost have inclined to them a little, Then had We made you taste a double punishment of living and a double punishment of dying then had you found no helper against Us.

Afterwards, God supposedly comforts Muhammad with the verses from chapters 17 and All of them were revealed in relation to Muhammad speaking Satan’s words. When the messenger of God saw how his tribe turned their backs on him and was grieved to see them shunning the message he had brought to them from God, he longed in his soul that something would lew to him from God which would reconcile him with his tribe.

Then God cancelled what Satan had thus cast, and established his verses by telling him that he was like other prophets and messengers, and revealed: It is an episode directly found in the early Islamic records. In an inadvertent and misleading manner, his tongue hurried on ahead of him, so that he said: Remember, the pagans were totally opposed to Muhammad. Al-Hasan – sataniqies Husayn b.

In the evening Gabriel visited him; and the prophet recited the Sura unto him. They inquired about the Quraysh and their affairs.