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Soul of the Four Winds was a Mastery 4 internal air kiho that was developed over two hundred years ago by a retired Iuchi shugenja. It increased the dominance. L5R (3rd Edition) – The Four Winds. Uploaded by Ayoze Ojeda. The content of this book is about the history of Rokugan. Add a lot of information and system for . Follows Legend of the Five Rings: The Clan on the game Legend of the Five Rings (L5R). The Steel Throne: The Four Winds Saga, Prelude, Wind o.

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The dagger was filled with the purity of Void. The Oracle of Thunder would tell Sezaru nothing. Tsudao had the windss of Akashawho would winrs with the sleeping Naga to trap and fight the Tsunowihdrawing an important Daigotsu’s ally. Voice of the Emperor – Mirabu handled the mission, and Sezaru left to journey to the other daimyos and show them how to protect their people from this rain. After the Wolf murdered the brigands attacking her, he offered a place on his guard at Kyuden Sezaru.

While both sides were fighting Naseru rested aside, began to talk and fostered doubts on Fu Leng about Daigotsu saying that the Lost did not believe in Fu Leng, they believed in the Dark Lord instead. After the court he travelled to Phoenix lands and met Isawa Nakamuro. That means that it has been started, but is incomplete.

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Sezaru was at Toshi Ranbo when he sensed that a item contained a powerful maho. Naseru did not undo his previous Edict at that difficult moment.

The Dragon Clan offered a home to Sezaru in wiinds of their castles, in exchange for Sezaru’s aid in rejuvanating their failed crops and staving off starvation. Sezaru saw only one way to achieve the win, but with a great cost: Daigotsuwho had recovered his full power came by sea to the city to fight the Heartless. He simply pointed the way to the next Oracle.


Four Winds March.jpg

Shortly after Sezaru had learned to summon the Void a Voice had appeared, and filled his mind. Sezaru was always a soul tormented by incredible power, the legacy of his Oracle mother.

This struggle with this form of insanity happened during his lifetime. The Fortune enraged cour refused to help him. The four available members of the Council and Naka Tokei began a ritual in the Grove of the Five Masterswhile Togashi Satsu and Sezaru fought the immense oni gaving time for the ritual. The wimds Sezaru destroyed the demon single-handedly, and then attended to the maho-tsukai as well. Isawa Taeruko completed the spell with her sacrifice, and the monster was sent to its slumber again.

The doubts of Fu Leng cut the power he received from worshipping and was casted out from the Celestial Heavensthe Onisu faded except Kyofu who retreated and Daigotsu began a powerful spell which would destroy the Temple and all within it. Sezaru did however not know which one it would be yet. Daigotsu, who had been behind the assassination of Toturi, was defeated, but at the cost of Tsudao’s life. Kuni Utagu then died in mysterious circumstances, and Sezaru was suspected.

After the dead of Mirabu Sezaru was becoming more and more unstable.

Sezaru confronted his brother to know his real intentions. Sezaru destroyed Mirabu and the Wish. The Sculptor of Flesh and Yajinden believed it could be used better by Sezaru than if they showed it to Iuchiban. In the second child of Toturi and Toturi Kaede was born under signs of great fortune. The Sinds wanted only two things: Retrieved from ” http: Sezaru provided a magical barrier of protection that his sister steped out of to stop the larger threat at hand.

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The Wolf was surprised the Scorpion had gathered this knowledge, so Angai went further and exposed her as member of the secretive Kuroiban. Sezaru returned to Toshi Ranbo and told Naseru the bad news respect the Bloodspeakers: After they talked, Kaneka decided to left his wanderings and returned to Toshi Ranbo.


Sezaru met Oracle of Air at Sunset Tower obtaining the name of the person who slew his father. The Imperial Court was not informed in advance, Naseru did so in the opening ceremony of the temple. The Council delivered it to the Emperor, so that he might choose an appropriate guardian. The Sezaru’s Hunter were viewed with suspicion in the Empire after the death of the seer Agasha Hamanari by their hands. Sezaru had always embodied brilliance and madness in equal measures.

In the month of the Rooster, [31] wines the advice of Gensaiken, Sezaru sought the favor of the Dragon and magically fertilized the crops, and the harvest was plentiful. The Wolf had not any regrets to be consumed, and sent the onisu to Jigoku. The four children of Toturi I were, in order of age.

Fuor had tipped the balance of the elements. Rishimaru had reached Phoenix lands, and Iuchi Katamarithe Doomseekerwas the first to arrive. After ascending to the Throne Kaede realized that she had overstepped her bounds as the Oracle of void.

It was inside a pool, and the Oracle of Blood was protecting it, empowered with the heart.

During the travels in the Spirit Realms Sezaru’s form was a wolf much larger than his physical body. The Wolf willingly accepted Kosei’s oath, granting upon him the name of the Imperial Line. Sezaru was aware of the conspiracy tour fully supported his brother. Sezaru returned and told that Toshi no Omoidoso had been destroyed by tainted pirate Mantis. Sezaru had been a man of peace, the moderating winsd between Emperor and Shogun. Sezaru had promised to aid Katamari in purging the Burning Sands of the few khadi who remained, after Iuchiban was already dead.

Sign In Don’t have an account? At first Sezaru rebuked her, but Angai revealed she knew one of the Onisu had killed his father Toturi.