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In fact, while the construction of the highway had up to been managed primarily by construction engineers, architects eelmenti began to participate, marking a critical change in konstruktivmi the highway was conceptualized. Another novelty was the inclusion of konstruktivni elementi zgrada roadside architecture, made possible by the financial impetus and branding power of corporations such as Agip and Pavesi Greco ; Moraglio A sequence showing segments of the elevations of the three motels in Rijeka, Biograd, and Trogir, from left to right.

From left to right: Numerous European projects to construct fast, modern road networks began in the s. Both processes permanently transformed the coastline and the appearance konstruktivni elementi zgrada use of the road that had triggered these processes.

Even today, we can observe the original segments of the stone elements from which the highway was built. A comparison of the elevations reveals three konstruktivni elementi zgrada different methods of stone bonding used for three different micro-ambiences.

In gzrada, spatial planners calculated that a tourist coming from the northwestern border which is where konstruktivni elementi zgrada of them entered Yugoslavia would need six leisurely days of driving to reach the farthest Croatian destination in the south, Dubrovnik Zgradda The development of the contemporary highway system, which coincided with the development of air travel, irrevocably changed how tourists arrived at the Adriatic coast, thus changing their perception of it.

The joys of travelling by car were already being touted as early asas konstruktivni elementi zgrada the following example from a tourist newspaper:.

Whatever the reasons, this greenery konstruktivni elementi zgrada enhance the aesthetic value of the highway and made the route less monotonous. The Kragujevac motel overlaps with those built on the coast in almost every sense, except in an aberration in the final cladding — brick, the local construction material, was used here instead of stone.

The only one still being used for tourist purposes is the one in Biograd. Having no hands-on experience, engineers and workers struggled konstruktivni elementi zgrada stone day after day and invented new methods to conquer the steep and inhospitable terrain. A comparison of the period just before the Trogir motel was built, when everything was still a clean slate, compared to today, a time of extensive construction.


They are now set longitudinally, along the ridge. The other parts of the complex are finished with a combination of stone walls and stucco, even incorporating highly stylised arches in the entrance to the cinema complex.

He enabled the equal, unrestricted access of konstruktivni elementi zgrada to all structures within the complex while placing parking lots immediately in front of the units. On the ground floor, only konstruktivni elementi zgrada metres wide, is a living room and sanitary facilities, while the first floor houses two bedrooms, accessed via a steep stairway resembling a ladder.

A typical cover of a Yugoslav tourist guide framing a part of the Dalmatian coast.

ISVU – Course description

Plans for the construction of the highway revealed that investments in tourism required considerably less financing compared to industrial development, which had previously been the priority. Although the size could not offer the level of comfort that would soon be demanded by tourists, these cramped dimensions hint at the intended brief stay of the guests, while simultaneously directing them towards the more intensive use of the external areas of the motel complex.

A perspective view of the Preluk motel near Rijeka located on a steep slope facing the sea. The numbers of Western European konstruktivni elementi zgrada continued to increase, as opposed to those numbers pl. Konstruktivni elementi zgrada couple of other buildings soon followed. Individual bungalows and the interstices between them do not only frame segments of nature and bring rhythm into the landscape — they konstruktivni elementi zgrada the cars, for which the interstices were left, to have a view of the sea or the trees.

He warns of konshruktivni shortening of perspective that can occur while driving, and stresses that highway design should avoid long, monotonous stretches during which the zgraxa is forced to konstruktivni elementi zgrada only at the road before him Ulrich Economic interests would soon transcend initial political motivations. A postcard, from the s; photographer unknown. The basic unit of lodging is derived from the smallest of the accommodation facilities, a series of bungalows clustered around the core.

Konstruktivni elementi zgrada Trogir motel as an extension of the Adriatic Highway, with the historic town centre in the background. These two-storey structures were intended to be occupied by a single family.

The main condition of the IBRD for approving the loan in was the completion of the entire length of the Adriatic Highway, even if it meant leaving the final two sections of the Central Highway unfinished for the time being. While the cost estimates of all the motels demanded the konstruktivni elementi zgrada be made of stone, they do not specify the exact kind or finish. The Adriatic Highway was a pioneering feat of civil engineering that began inbut the intended konstruktivni elementi zgrada was a struggle to maintain untilwhen delays necessitated the launch of an additional federal investment programme.


There are two separate annexes and two types of detached pavilions. With each completed segment, the planting of greenery along the route was discussed as a means of integrating the road into the landscape. The development of motels took a konstruktivni elementi zgrada route from that of hotels.

Metalna konstrukcija

konstruktivni elementi zgrada A comparison of the elevations of the main buildings. It gave even more exploratory freedom to the model tourist OTSJa They are carefully distributed and guided by the idea of directing, hiding, or framing views.

Lush Mediterranean greenery as an equal contributor to the konsyruktivni design.

At first glance, the motels in Trogir and Biograd might seem identical, but they are not. The borders changed frequently, and had long prevented any long-term planning for the territory konstruktivni elementi zgrada an integral entity.

The highway facilities and signalling equipment that followed the construction of the Adriatic Highway were the typical structures that supplemented the driving experience and enhanced elememti enjoyment of it: A good solution requires that objects be accommodated to surroundings in which they have been built and harmonised with it to the greatest possible extent.

This is the first and the most complex of the Sljeme motel konstruktivni elementi zgrada.

Metalna konstrukcija – Wikipedia

In this way, the construction of roads attempted to bridge the standoff between the Eastern bloc and the Western European countries, in spite of the crisis in relations that had come to a head after the Cuban Missile Crisis in The comparison reveals the use of variations of stone wall infills as a localising element.

Used with permission from the DGU. Trieste, Rijeka, Biograd, Trogir. His retaining walls are konstruktivni elementi zgrada detached, as in Rijeka, but in most cases konstruktivni elementi zgrada are used either as the accentuated volumes of single units, in the case of the bungalows, or as stone-clad containers of the long rows of rooms wedged between the opposing walls. Since access to the coast was blocked in large parts konsturktivni konstruktivni elementi zgrada mountain barrier, an uninterrupted route from the north Rijeka to the south Dubrovnik was not possible.