13 Aug (Reviewed by Ishita RC) I love mythologies. Indian mythologies and historical facts are my absolute favorites. The number of ways in which you. She eventually becomes Karna’s mainstay, counselling and guiding him. Karna’s Wife, told from Uruvi’s point of view, unfolds against the backdrop of the epic. Karna’s Wife – The Outcast’s Queen by Kavita Kane -book cover. Karna’s Wife – The Outcast’s Queen by Kavita Kane. Almost every Indian at some point in their.

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However, this different attempt portraying the perspective of Karna’s wife’s eye is a brilliant attempt. Then she spends the entire book married to a man who abuses, molests and insults another woman for exerting the very same choice! She being the journalist, the style is smooth. We understand what he thinks of his wife, his mother, his brothers.

Karna’s Wife: The Outcast’s Queen | Kavita Kane | Book Review

After reading this book, I’ve realized that Mahabharatha can be looked at from many points of view and each teaches you something. There are numerous other places, where it is obvious that the author cant be bothered to demonstrate something through the story, and simply states it. Guys, go ahead, get the book and read it! I could feel the void, darkness and agony.

Jan 06, Rahul Prabhu rated it it was amazing. Want to Read saving….

Karna’s Wife – The Outcast’s Queen

If one is interested to really ‘know’ about Mahabharat, this book is not the right choice. The author has made no effort to actually get engaged with the character who is narrating the story, but simply using her as a mouthpiece. I love reading PoV versions of Mahabharata, and since Karna is a very intriguing character, I thought this PoV from his wife would be great.


And on I still am not sure if the protagonist of this book is actually a character wifd the biggest epic of Indian mythology, for I haven’t heard of the name Uruvi before Only for plus members Get exciting benefits.

My interest for the mythology has made me pick this book and iam more than happy reading this. The name and the cover of the book was literally stuck in my head. Now, whether he was flawed or flawless, that can be debated.

Also the same rehashing of how great Karna was was not needed in every outczsts chapter.

After Karna’s death, in the battlefield, Uruvi is beholding her husband and the Pandavas and Krishna come and Krishna says Yudhishtra wants to light the funeral pyre, and will she allow it.

Karna was a dynamic man, now carved into public memory as the quintessential ‘tragic hero’. Open Preview See a Problem? Honestly embracing the mistake as a mistake without such forced justifications would have made the novel more genuine and honest, and added integrity to it.

I mean even some of the words sound the same as what I have read on several online discussions of this epic. She equated the disrobing act to the insult she offered him during her swayamvara and understood the shame that he must have felt. She also gets a little screechy and annoying at times.

While I completely understand the meaning of ‘fiction’, ‘creative liberty’ and the need to show ‘a different perspective’ to a well-known story, what I do not appreciate is the tendency of modern authors to degrade some characters with fictitious stories and – may I say – wrong interpretations of the canon text to prop up the protagonist.


Shravya Gunishetty Certified Buyer 31 Oct, He weeps like a kid to Uruvi. The Outcast’s Queen by Kavita Kane narrates the story of parts of a mega epic that involves a much loved hero Karna through the eyes of his wife, Uruvi. While I completely understand the meaning of ‘fiction’, ‘creative liberty’ and the need to show ‘a different perspective’ to a well Kavita Kane writes in her Preface – that urged by her mother, this book was written in an impulse.

But what human being doesn’t go through the insecurity of not being accepted by others. The writing is crisp and to the point in most parts, while in others, the description is too much to handle.

Karna’s Wife: The Outcast’s Queen – Kavita Kané

Wofe 06, Anil Swarup rated it it was amazing. It is like a third person story, which is simply conveniently written up as a PoV. I have wept, laughed and loved with Uruvi. I wish instead, the author had spent time on Vrushali who was actually Karna’s wife and not this fictional female.