This rare treatise has been out of print since Most people will do all they can to avoid affliction, but do very little to avoid sin. In 67 chapters, Burroughs. The eighth book of Mr Jeremiah Burroughs. Being a treatise of the evil of evils, or the exceeding sinfulness of sin. Wherein is shewed, 1 There is more evil in the. Jeremiah Burroughs () – A Popular Independent Puritan Preacher and a Member of the Westminster Assembly. Taken from “The Evil of Evils”.

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In some things there may be controversies about them; but no Divine that hath knowledg of anie thing of Scripture, but will confess this that I speak of; and if you know not this, certainlie you tne never acquainted with the Scripture: Now there are, I confess, those things I most aimed at in this work behind, therefore I will wind up in a word or two, in some Corollaries, and Consequences, to be drawn from hence: Times of Righteousness Promised to the Church Matthew 5: Jeremizh evil there is in Sin.

And Brethren do not think this is a high strain, for that com to speak in the Name of God come not to speak Hyperbollically, to raise Expressions higher than the things are in their reality; no, I come not for that end, and I should take the Name of God in vain if I should do so, therfore I dare not raise things beyond that which they are in reality in themselves: First, God the Father.

A man may fight with another, and yet not seek to take away his life, to destroy him; but sin strikes at the very Being of God. Truly Brethren, it is enough, this that I speak of, to pluck down the stoutest heart, the wickedest and wretchedest hard heart in the world; for a Minister of God to come and charge them in Gods Name, Thou hast gone on in all thy life hitherto, ever since thou wast born, in a continual opposition to God Himself, unto the infinite Lord, the Eternal first being of all the World; thy life hath been nothing but enmity to this God: Brethren it wil be an especial part of the glory of the great day of Judgment, that when all the wrong that ever was done to God from the beginning of the world by sinners, shal then be opened at the bburroughs of Judgment: Only thus much, when I have told you Sin is a greater evil than Affliction; yea, a greater evil than all fvil torments of Hell, as I said in the beginning.


I beseech you observe it, a man or woman is not a worse man or woman because afflicted, not worse than they were before; but sin makes the man or the woman to be worse: For Brethren thus it stands, we cannot enjoy God and sinful waies both together; so far as any decline to sinful waies, so far they venture the loss of God eternally, and all that good in God.

So long as we seek comforts in the Creature in order meremiah God, we seek for it in God, though in the Creature, if in order unto God: If it be but to gain two pence they wil tel a Lye, and are willing to chuse sin rather than endure the least trouble; a mighty difference between thee and them. That God must be manifested in the flesh?

The Evil of Evils

Also sin is a wronging of God. This is the Second.

I say, take them in the strength and latitude of them, certainly there was never any Affliction since the world began endured like Christs, and yet these be no other than Christ, God and Man, is capable of; and it may stand with the blessedness of his Divinity, That that person, both God and Man, could be under such Afflictions: As when the soul makes the good of the Promises to be veils, then they affect the soul; but if the soul look upon them as to come, they do not so much affect: A Treatise on Earthly-Mindedness.

Afflictions are made instrumental for good. Christ is All in Birroughs Colossians 3: Who art thou Lord?

And thus Afflictions have an instrumental efficacy in them, to do men good: Why is this set in the Second Commandement rather than any other? Certainlie did you know what sin were, and how against God, it would cost you a great deal of travail when you see your Children wicked, and much prayer and cost, that you might not have a Child an Enemie to God, a Traitor to the Crown, Scepter, and Dignitie of Jesus Christ.

The Evil of Evils: The Exceeding Sinfulness of Sin

Put all the former six together; His dealings with the Angels, and with Man-kind; The dreadful giving of the Law; His dreadful Judgments for smal sins; And examples of his wrath abroad in the world; And the eternal torments in Hell: Put all these six together, and yet I say all these six is not so much to manifest the displeasure of God against sin as this one that now I shall tell you of: Did God when from all Eternity he intended to make such a Creature as thou art, to live in such a time in such a place, and preserved thee all this while from such dangers at Sea, or at Land I say, did God aim at no other end but this that thou shouldest live to do thus?


I beseech you consider, you who think that God is only a God of Mercie, and God is not so severe against sin as many Ministers would make him; do but attend to what I shall say unto you, how God hath manifested his displeasure against sin in the Angels: Sixthly, Sin wrongs God in the Dominion and Power, and Soveraigntie of God, which with men is a verie tender thing, where there is Sovereigntie, there cannot be endured the least wrong.

Certainly there was more in Christs sufferings than in all the sufferings in the world, more of the displeasure of God. But sin is the thing, and the only thing that break the order of God in the world, and strikes at Gods Work to break it al to pieces what lies in the sinner. That God in whose hands the breath of thy Nostrils, and al thy waies are, that God thou hast not glorified: By this the iniquity of Jacob shal be purged: You do alwayes resist the holy Ghost; there is a company of men naturally walk contrary; resisting, and fighting against God.

But Christ made not such out-cries through impatiency.

The Exceedingly Sinfulness of Sin – by Jeremiah Burroughs | A Puritan’s Mind

Sin is such an evil as it cannot be made good: Certainly Sin is a striking of God. Oh Tge, put all these together and then know the evil of sin.

First, There is no good of Entity or Eivl all things that have a Being, there is some good in them; for God hath a Being, and every thing that hath a being hath some good in it, because it is of God; but Sin is a Non Entity, a no being: