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HeroClix is a collectible miniatures game that uses the Clix system that centers on the world of . HeroClix normally releases their figure sets in series, often including maps that are specific to the theme of the series. All series are product. 29 Jan list of all sets up to present: 1/29/ Sets are separated by Golden Age, Other and Modern Age. Downloads: Hey guys, having a hard time finding a set list for the flash set. Have any ideas?.

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There heroclix set list three companies known to be interested in acquiring the WizKids properties: I am picking up a case, and hopefully get the three super rares I want.

The Gamer’s Repose – a Magic: the Gathering, HeroClix, and Star Wars Minis help site

Topps owned all the rights and licenses for all versions of HeroClix, giving them the rights to heroclix set list the license to a third party. These limited number figures can be referred to as “Chases” if they can be found through general purchase heroclix set list simply “LE” for limited edition if they are event specific. Preview Iron Man figure”.

In the Yu-Gi-Oh!

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Brightest Day Action Pack. The Mighty Thor 3 customer ratings. Weapon from super booster not included Add to Wishlist. I was hoping for a checklist of sorts. A ClixBrick consisted of 12 shrink-wrapped boosters that included a heroclix set list coupon for consumers who purchased HeroClix at their local retailer.

Tactics” and include space ships representing the United Federation of Planets as well as the Klingon Empire. Given to judges for the Marvel “Coming of Galactus ” tournament. Official Dealer for Wizards of the Coast. All series are product specific, so Heroclix set list Comics only etc.


Starting with the “Universe” series, Starter sets contained figures not found in regular booster packs. Characters heroclix set list the North American version of the Indy Clix set were not released in the rest of the world.

Heroclix Sets and Expansions

The Mighty Thor 10 customer ratings. Clix History HeroClix has existed sinceand is currently owned by Neca, though the game website still bears the name of its previous owner, Wizkids Heroclix set list. Lobo is still the biggest draw for me. The Mighty Thor 2 customer ratings. Battle of the Heroclix set list Organized Play event was announced to span over 6 months with participation prizes and a grand prize, using a similar format as heroclix set list Marvel and DC Organized Play events.

These were the first dual-branded figures as they appeared in a HeroClix set yet also came packed with HorrorClix monster cards, making them fully compatible with either Clix system. Heroclix set list Games to Rule Them All”. Teen Titans Villains for Hire team base”. This is the version of Galactus. Some characters have multiple point values, and have multiple corresponding starting positions.

The set also included additional Federation and Klingon spaceship figures. Liat the company sft still actively pursue gaming initiatives, we feel it is necessary to align our efforts more closely with Topps’ current sports and entertainment offerings which are being developed within our New York office.

The Premiere sets contained specific figures. The Mighty Thor 1 customer ratings Add to Wishlist. Nick Fury, Agent of S. November 18, [Note 7]. Participants take turn moving heroclix set list attacking other players, st 2 six-sided dice to determine the success or failure or of their attacks.


Posted on June 19, in Art. The heroclix set list updated list of expansions and sets can be found at HCRealms. Retrieved February 15, I love this thread!!! HeroClix has existed sinceand is currently owned by Neca, though the game website still bears the name of its previous owner, Wizkids Games.

The HeroClix game utilizes the “combat dial system” originally created for the Mage Knight game. Each HeroClix figurine is modeled in the approximate equivalence of the O scale for model train sets with a figure based on the design of the comic book character and a dial base that contains heroclix set list statistics for the specific figure including:. Although further Zombies appeared in the set Mutations and Monstersthe original four figures were not reprinted and the subsequent Zombie HeroClix were not part of the HorrorClix games.

Stores participate in tournaments and receive exclusive figures and promotional items heroclix set list offer their players for each month’s Storyline Organized Play tournament s. HeroClix was designed to appeal to comic book fans and players of wargames and subsequently also heroclix set list collector items due to the quality of detail in the HeroClix figures.

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The original HeroClix figures were all from comic books printed liwt Marvel Comicsbut later expanded to include sets from DC Comics and from heroclix set list independent comic book publishers such as Image Comics and Dark Horse Comics.