The authoritative, unforgettable biography of Martin Luther, the great religious leader, who entered a monastery as a youth and who, as a man, shattered. Donor challenge: For only 2 more days, a generous supporter will match your donations 2-to Triple your impact! Dear Internet Archive. Bainton published Here I Stand: A Life of Martin Luther in As of , it is still in print. Kenneth Scott.

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It’s a fun read that’s fast-moving and keeps you interested until the end. For Though sometimes long in the tooth, this was quite an enjoyable readif you’re interested in the Luther or the Reformation that is. Wrestling with the Angel. Briskly paced, exciting read. Get Here I Stand: Bainton published Here I Stand: The scope of his life is absolutely incredible.

Bainton, the author, seems to be a believer who appreciates very much Luther’s lifetime spiritual struggle and his scriptural resolution of it in the doctrine of justification by fait This is a nice beginning biography of one of the world’s most remarkable men.

Bainton also explains extreme This is my third reading of this book.


Here I Stand: A Life of Martin Luther

The Wild Boar in the Vineyard. As ofit is still in print.

Luther Before the Diet. In Louise Cowan and Os Guinness. October 31, is a popular starting point for many protestant Christians eoland the beginning stanr the Reformation.

View all 8 comments. We see the anxieties of Luther, who lived for years as an exile in A brilliant treatment of Luther that doesn’t settle for simple caricature, but examines the complexities of this famous man from childhood to death. The Measure of the Man.

Abingdon Press | Here I Stand

Follow Us on Facebook. Economics went the way of capitalism and politics the way of absolutism. Anyone interested in either general or church history.

The Case Transferred to Germany. This time around I took my time and also took about 40 pages of notes, and I am impressed by what an excellent biography this is. This section contains words approx.

This was an excellent biography to gain a familiarity with the man and his times. I was surprised to learn that Luther and Erasmus were correspondents and enjoyed Bainton’s exploration of their perspectives on rationality and religion. Stay in Touch Sign up.

Luther, however, was far more pragmatic, being a German – he just married a nun!!! Copyrights Here I Stand: Goodreads helps you keep track of books baintob want to read.


Published April 1st by Plume Books first published Apr 19, Chris Hall rated it liked it. Too much focus on doctrinal issues and arguments and not enough focus on Luther, the man, as a loving husband and father as well as a bigoted and intolerant cleric.

The man was a giant. The great outward crises of his life which bedazzle the eyes of dramatic biographers were to Luther himself trivial in comparison with the inner upheavals of his questing after God. Martin Luther entered a monastery as a youth and as a man shattered the structure of the medieval church.

Considered one of the most readable biographies of Martin Luther, this volume is an illustrated look at the German religious reformer and his influence on Western civilization.