Khalid ibn AI-Waleed (may Allāh be pleased with him)“The Sword of Allah” (d. 21 A.H.). It is reported that Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allāh be. 6 Jun Khalid ibn Al-Waleed, a division commander of the Quraysh’s army at the Battle of Uhud, managed to attack the Muslims from behind and turn. After the conquest of Mecca, the Holy Prophet (S) was in Mecca itself from where he sent Khalid bin Walid to the Yalamlam area, where the Bani Khuzaimah.

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It is certainly expedient for us to join him and share in whatever success he may achieve. Umar wanted Abu Ubaida to ask Khalid from what funds he gave to Ash’as: There hazrat khalid bin waleed in a Byzantine and Christian Arab garrison guarding that fair, however the size of the garrison was miscalculated by the Muslim informants.

Khalid ibn Walid was a Sahabi a companion of Muhammada fact which makes him a very respectable figure among Sunni Muslims. His tomb is now part of a mosque called Khalid ibn al-Walid Mosque. As a member of the Makhzum clan, who were amongst the best horsemen hazrat khalid bin waleed in ArabiaKhalid learned to ride and use such weapons as the spearthe lancethe bow and the sword.

Khalid ibn al-Walid – Wikipedia

Khalid ibn al-Walid decisively defeats the larger combined forces of the Persian EmpireByzantine Empireand Christian Arabscompleting his conquest of Mesopotamia.

He had such bravery that it is not possible in anyone except the lions of Allah. Khalid ibn al-Walid decisively defeats the larger forces of the Persian Empire using a double envelopment maneuver. When the terms of the peace agreement of Al-Hudaybiyah were eventually negotiated and the Prophet and his companions went home, I started thinking about what might come next and what was in store for us. However, the peace treaties were on Heraclius’ instructions to hazrat khalid bin waleed in the Muslims and to secure time for preparation of defenses of Northern Syria.

His strategic achievements include the conquest of Arabia during the Ridda WarsPersian Mesopotamia and Roman Syria within several years from to These were highly trained and skilled swordsmen, whom Khalid utilized effectively to slay as many enemy officers as possible, giving a psychological blow to enemy morale. Apparently, Hazrat khalid bin waleed in was sent to Bani Khuzaimah for a religious purpose by the Messenger of Allah Hazrat khalid bin waleed inbut on the basis of his tribal animosity, he committed such acts as none could do.


Umar and his senate identified this act as misuse of state treasure, though not as punishing as to lose one’s office, Khalid was already warned not to act alone, he should seek permission from his commander or Caliph for such actions.

Since the Muslim forces in Syria were in need of urgent reinforcement, Khalid avoided the conventional route to Syria via Daumat-ul-Jandal because it was a long and would take weeks to reach Syria. S Rainy weather in Najaf. For instance his employment of the double envelopment maneuver against the numerically superior Persian army at the Battle of Walaja[] and his maneuver at the Battle of Yarmouk where he virtually trapped the Byzantine army between three steep ravines by stealthily capturing their only escape route, a bridge, at their rear.

Within a few months of this carnage, Khalid accepted Islam, but he could not get into the good books of the Prophet. Inhe was dismissed from military services. He also avoided the Mesopotamian route because of the presence of Roman garrisons in northern Syria and Mesopotamia. Hazrat khalid bin waleed in towards blood relations. To relieve them of this belief, Umar recalled Khalid, to which Khalid agreed. As Khalid was the architect of most of the early Muslim military doctrines, [] he was also the pioneer of almost every major tactic that Muslims used during Early Islamic conquests.

In brief, when Malik hazrat khalid bin waleed in to pay Zakat, Khalid said: He had an old enmity with Ali a. Athe second righteous Caliph, Hazrat khalid bin waleed in Umar R.

Take her as a gift, there shall be no ransom. I was certain that Bni would eventually be the winner. This Khalid was braver than Ali and not less. He then went to Medina to meet Umar.

Hazrat Khalid Bin Waleed (R.A) – The Sword Of Allah

Pre-Islamic Arabia 6th century AD After a careful analysis of the situation and a study of his enemy, Khalid laid down a very careful strategy.


Now the people of justice hazrat khalid bin waleed in compare the behavior of Khalid with that of Ali a. Khalid has committed adultery. Whatever he commands is according to the command of Allah. The crisis was a great one indeed, and the Muslim community was in the danger of annihilation, without a swift and decisive action on the part of the Caliph. He was hazrat khalid bin waleed in better judge of men than I have been “. Thou art an infidel’s enemy’s now. A set out for Madina to nin the Muslims officially.

Congrats to all of you for being a part of this page May we All contribute in paying tribute to our real heroes and present the True imagine of Islam to the World.

Khalid ibn Al-Waleed

The Prophet had informed the people of the martyrdom of Zaid, Ja’far and Hazrat khalid bin waleed in Rawaha before the news of their death reached. Farewell, a long farewell to Syria, my fair province. During the night Theodras sent half of his army towards Damascus to launch a surprise attack on the Muslim garrison. Khalid ibn al-Walid MosqueHomsSyria. Khalid turned those skirmishing tactics into something that could be used anywhere.

Commanding the forces of the nascent Bln state, Khalid was victorious in over hazrat khalid bin waleed in hundred battles, against the forces of the Byzantine-Roman EmpireSassanid-Persian Empireand their allies, in addition to other Arab tribes.

He was able to maintain his heavily outnumbered army of 3, men against an army of 10, of the Byzantine Empire and Ghassanid Arabs. Muezzin e Rasool S.

Ih utilized his better understanding of terrain in every possible way to gain strategic superiority over his enemies. At the age of five or six, he returned to his parents in Mecca. That is why he R.

The people of justice may themselves judge the ethics and behavior of Khalid. He, therefore, tried to look for someone else. Hazrat Abu Bakr R.