How to Hack DSTV, Gotv, Digital TVs And Other Digital Decoders Subscription to Watch Premium DSTV FREE Channels Free How have we ever wish to get all. Liberty Star T1 Decoder Opens All DSTV Channels? True Or The devices they used to hacked dstv are many but with one click dstv will scatter the device. My first job was with Zee Networks (Dish TV) as Network Security Specialist back in I used to work for private company at that time. Trust me you can’t hack.

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After that, do an automatic scan of the channels. From the desk of cashmoney jr.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. After a few minutes, it will be complete. With the memory stick or flash drive in the decoder and the decoder turned on, grab the remote and go to the settings. Top up your VTpass wallet for easy payment 3. Suitable if you have a shop, a student or in a locations where there are physical customers.

Cracking DSTV the easy way

Confirm that indeed you want to make the upgrade sstv the USB storage. There will be no need for a DSTV disc or a decoder. Remember you can still reset your TV or decoder back to its initial state. Open it and configure it with the settings. This method had previously required the use of a different decoder altogether but it is now the simplest it can get. It is all about a whole new special software that has been programmed decodrrs this purpose.

Mr Rich says – i will send you lots and lots and lots of money. Joined Dec 24, Messages Learn how your comment data is processed. Activate the terminal agent feature 2. The upgrade process will begin. Confirm that indeed you want to make the upgrade from the USB storage.


How to connect bluestacks to proxy network using proxifier, use bluestacks through proxifier. Get a gprs enabled mobile phone that has either a usb cable connectivity or Bluetooth connectivity.

Free Dstv Hacking Software – sevenmoving

Completing the Upgrade of Your Decoder When the decoder notifies you of the completion of the upgrade, turn it off then on again. There were also those “chipped” Mnet decoders that a lot of people had. They are stealing from every where even the very life they have is equally stolen. Lucky for you, there is a way you can watch these premium channels on your current Gotv, Startimes or any other digital decoder or digital tv for absolutely nothing.

Joined Dec 30, Messages 1, I dont know if u guys have even gone into a flea market or a shady corner store and found that decodfrs store owner is watching or has DSTV playing on a TV in his store. Go to the upgrade section and choose the USB option. So if you are interested in getting the software, its settings and the e-manual that comes with it for guidance plus some bonuses, Pay the required amount into the following account: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

It is like installing a new software on your decoder such that your original service provider won’t catch you ‘stealing.

Get All Dstv Channels Now For Free On Our New Decoders – Technology Market – Nigeria

Firstly, try speaking propper English, secondly, try to sound a little more intelligent – maybe then haking be able to trick someone with your ridiculous scam. I will provide an e-manual for the connection Step 3: It will be only a few megabytes large thus even a small capacity storage stick will do the trick.


Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Before I continue, I would like you to note that this is not online tv as you might have known that some websites offer free watching of some television channels dshv their site.

I have heard rumours dstc DSTV units can be hacked, and why not anyways, i mean they have hacked and chipped ps2, xboxes, ps3 by now, why not the decoders? Become a terminal agent and resell our services in your area. The free to air channels are, genuinely speaking, not worth the time.

If you are worried about the new upgrade, be sure that you are free to restore the decoder to its factory settings anytime you feel like you wanna continue paying. In case estv questions or further clarifications, do to ask your questions. Joined Jan 26, Messages 16, No tv card will be required to be inserted into your computer and no payment for subscription.

Joined Feb 23, Messages 70, Wanna get your computer connected to the internet and browse the web uninterruptedly free of charge without stress, just log in to http: A former colleague of mine showed me a fake smart card about 2 years ago.