Another delicious recipe for your GT Express machine. You can eat most of these recipe with a fork/knife or as finger food on the go. GT Xpress Cookbook Recipes Anyone Can Learn Cookbook [Tak Publishing ] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Does this sound. 9 Jun Thanks to the Internet Archive (one of my best friends), you can find the instruction manual for the GT Xpress (an earlier version of the.

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29 best Redi-Set-Go Recipes images on Pinterest | Cooker recipes, Kitchen stove and Recipes

And third, they provide you with a way to cook smaller portions. Cook 2 more min. Pop it into the well. My sister gave me hers.

Like what you see here? If you would like to purchase recipes, you can sign up for the recipe book program via the redisetgo. I like my eggs well done, and sometimes I need to gt xpress 101 recipes to 7 minutes gt xpress 101 recipes that.

The link to the manual has been updated. Poke the top of each pastry once with a fork to vent. You will have two half moon shapes of crust. Posted by Maryann at 9: Meanwhile microwave tortilla for 15 sec. I got a ready set go but th to extra plates are not with it I would live to have the half pan and the one with the holes.


This recipe serves 2.

Cook more min. Friday, July 4, Steak-n-Cheese Scramble.

Maryann’s GT Xpress Recipes

I guarrantee you will never buy calzones from your local pizza place again. Do you have the manual and the recipes for the Xpress redi set go?

Are you sure you want to report this post for review? Now the gt xpress 101 recipes below is for one person, but you can make two servings in 10 minutes. The only difference is that the manual provides more recipes than the Gg manual. Tuesday, Gt xpress 101 recipes 13, Beef Empanadas. Is 1 low and 2 high? I want the recipe guide. I got one from a thrift store and it had no manual or instructions with xrpess. Posted by Maryann at 2: Gallagher September 2, at Posted by Maryann at 1: Anonymous April 28, at 4: Spray wells with Pam spray or similar.

Maryann’s GT Xpress 101 Recipes

Gt xpress 101 recipes November 7, at 9: There are no results for your search. Kathleen Collins September 3, at 7: Close Missing Input Please enter a rating or review before submitting. It will be stubborn and try to keep shrinking on you, so do your best. Spray top and bottom of well with cooking spray, such as Pam. Directions Beat eggs lightly with the 1 Tb of milk. The instruction manual also includes ALL of the following recipes 72 total! Kathleen Collins October 18, at 5: Sarah Ogle-Wallace May 1, at 2: Donna Wright September 9, at 5: The link has been updated and you should now be able to view the PDF.


The attachments you are talking gt xpress 101 recipes are called the “pan inserts.

Michael Clay November 23, at 5: Top with cheese, tator tots, and bacon. This recipe could also be easly duplicated using standard cooking techniques.

Lisa Vertullo March 5, at I cooked my calzone in the Xpress Redi Set Go without the divider insert, but Gt xpress 101 recipes am sure you could cram one of these calzones gt xpress 101 recipes a well. A good side dish recipe for the GT Xpress. I had leftovers, so I thought this would be great with eggs. Roll and stick in well. Thank you so very much Did you get yours from meh?? Saturday, July 20, Long time no see Spray 1 well with Pam.

Saturday, May 17, Western Sammy with Cheese.