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World(int worldWidth, int worldHeight, int cellSize, boolean bounded). The act method is called by the greenfoot framework to give actors a chance to. Get all the objects in the world, or all the objects of a particular class.

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IllegalStateException Return the x-coordinate of the actor’s current location. Stop playing this sound if it is currently playing. A list of all neighbours found. Zero degrees is towards the east right-hand side of the worldand the angle increases clockwise.

If it is playing already, it will do nothing. List of objects at the given offset. An Actor is not normally instantiated, but instead used as a superclass to more specific objects in the world. Objects found can be restricted to a specific class and its subclasses by supplying the ‘cls’ parameter. The method here is empty, and subclasses normally provide their own implementations. Mirrors the image horizontally the left of the image becomes the right, and vice versa.


The sound cannot be played several times simultaneously, but can be played several times sequentially. Return the current rotation of this actor. The default implementation does nothing. If the sound is currently paused it will now be stopped instead. One of the most important aspects of this class is the ‘act’ method. Actor Construct an Actor. If the sound is currently looping, it will finish the current loop and stop.


Objects of a class not explicitly specified effectively inherit the paint order from their superclass. An object of the given class greenvoot that intersects with the current object.

The act method is called by the greenfoot framework at each action step in the environment.

This method does nothing. Get a sorted list of the UserInfo items for this scenario surrounding the current user.

This method considers only logical location, ignoring extent of the image. At each action step in grdenfoot environment, each object’s act method is invoked, in unspecified order. Learn Maths with Greenfoot.

GreenfootSound (Greenfoot API)

Return the world that this actor apk in, provided that it is an instance of the given “worldClass” class i. Actor public abstract class Actor extends java. Running Greenfoot projects on Netbeans.


If the sound is already playing once, it will start looping instead. The text will be displayed in front of any actors. This method is called by the Greenfoot system when this actor has been inserted into the world. Return all the objects that intersect this object.

All Classes (Greenfoot API)

Objects of classes greenfoog listed will act after all objects whose classes have been specified. A GreenfootSound loads the audio from a file. Returns a string representation of this sound containing the name of the file and whether it is currently playing or not.

Object Represents audio that can be played in Greenfoot. The direction can be set using the setRotation int method.