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Gonzalo Halffter’s research works with citations and reads, including: In Memoriam Pedro Reyes Castillo. Gonzalo Halffter has expertise in. Gonzalo Halffter, Mexican entomologist. Red de Ecoetología; Instituto de Ecología A.C. – Carretera Antigua a Coatepec – XALAPA. Gonzalo Halffter . We have been addressing these questions with a strategy ( Halffter ) based on four .. , Arellano and Halffter , Arellano et al.

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My profile My library Metrics Alerts. The same halftfer true of the pasture where the data for T1 and T2 are even more similar.

A strategy for measuring landscape biodiversity Nalffter Halffter Biology International Special issue 36, Biology International Special issue 36, Halfffter and Howden attributed the changes in the beetle fauna to an increase in rainfall that favors the growth of the woody matorral vegetation and perhaps a dramatic increase in the abundance of the aggressive exotic species of fire ant Solepnosis invicta Buren during the last sampling period in Welder.

This same guild remains practically constant in the two types of coffee plantation because of the constant contribution of excrement from both humans and their animals. La fragmentation del bosque mesofilo de montana y pa-trones de uso del suelo en la region oeste de Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico.

Spatial distribution of three groups of Coleoptera along and al-titudinal transect in the Mexican Transition Zone and its biogeographical implications. C Verified email at inecol. halgfter

An analysis of three tropical landscapes. At each site, every month during the first sampling period T1we set up a transect with 10 pitfall traps spaced 25 m apart and baited with alternating human excrement and decomposing squid.

From previous studies Halffter et al. We analyzed changes over time in species composition and functional guild structure temporal beta diversity for natural assemblages and those modified by humans in a gonzapo, tropical mountain landscape. Of these, few were recorded during our two sampling periods. Considering all the habitats we sampled, of the total of 18 species, 14 haflfter recorded at T1 and 14 were also recorded at T2.


Gonzalo Halffter

New articles related to this author’s research. Of these, Ateuchus illaesum was only collected at T1 in the traditional shaded coffee plantations. Carmen Huerta Instituto de Ecologia A.

The capture of a single individual suggests that this is a tourist species in this habitat, although it is relatively abundant at halfftre altitudes.

The upper canopy is m high and is comprised mainly of UlmusHeliocarpus, QuercusFicusand Oreopanax. As such, the goal of this research was to estimate the changes over time in beetle assemblages in an anthropogenic alteration gradient. A study with exactly the same time lapses between samplings in all habitats considering a set of habitats as a gradient haffter anthropogenic transformation or considering habitat type as a factor, including replications would be a better approach to avoid possible confusion.

Gonzalo Halffter – Google Scholar Citations

Gonzalo Halffter Gonzalo Halffter Madrid, Spain, is halgfter national emeritus lecturer at the Institute of Ecology in Xalapa Mexico and a renowned expert in the study of biodiversity and the management of the natural environment. Comision Nacional para el Conocimiento y Uso de la Biodiversidad. To detect whether the frequency of appearance of the different guilds i. The alpha diversity of each habitat for each year was evaluated using species accumulation curves and species richness estimates.

The frequency distribution in the two coffee plantations indicates slightly greater stability.

Entrevista Gonzalo Halffter

Effects of clearing in a tropical rain forest on the composition of the coproph-agous scarab beetle fauna Coleoptera. II, Arganio Editio, Barcelona. Finally, we used the G test for 2 by 6 contingency tables having applied the Yates correction for the traditional shaded coffee plantations, 2 by 5 contingency tables for TMCF, secondary gonzqlo, and the commercial shaded coffee plantation given that one guild was not detected in each habitatand 2 by 3 contingency tables for the pasture three guilds were not recorded in this habitat.

Two species Coprophanaeus telamon and Phanaeus endymion were moderately abundant gonzslo this habitat. Ecology Verified email at ku. This could be a characteristic of moderately disturbed landscapes where the assemblages are very flexible.

This study showed that, although halffetr richness remains relatively constant across a landscape, local richness alpha diversity changes notably over even relatively short periods of time. Time-dependent beta diversity between years was calculated using the Bray-Curtis index. Areas that were originally occupied by TMCFs are now covered with shaded coffee plantations, cattle pastures, and other crop sites Challenger The system can’t perform the operation now.


The three previously mentioned species are evidence that the value for gamma diversity can vary according to the locations that are selected for sampling, even within haffter same set of habitats. Assessing the completeness of bat biodiversity inventories using species accumulation curves CE Moreno, G Halffter Journal of Applied Ecology 37 1, The landscape is uneven, and the geology and soils are mainly volcanic.

Two anonymous reviewers provided helpful suggestions that improved this manuscript. Even those cases such as biosphere reserves where nucleus areas are designated to meet the criterion of minimal disturbance, they are surrounded by a buffer zone that are to protect the nucleus. The pasture, comprised mainly of species belong to genera Paspalum and Panicumhad very few trees belonging to the genera Liquidambar and Quercuswhich were spared to provide shade for the cattle.

A strategy for measuring landscape biodiversity.

Universitat de Barcelona – Halffter, Gonzalo

The 18 species of beetles recorded were grouped on six guilds. New citations to this author. We recognize that our results are based on the study of a single indicator group on one landscape, but even so, it is possible to make a recommendation regarding conservation policies. Historical and ecological factors determining the geographical distribution of beetles Coleoptera: Scarabaeidaewere used as the indicator group. Gonzalo Halffter Madrid, Spain, is a national emeritus lecturer at the Institute of Ecology in Xalapa Mexico and a renowned expert in the study of biodiversity and the management of the natural halffter.

Towards a culture of biodiversity conservation.