17 items The tragedy of the Grenfell Tower fire highlighted the deep issues faced by social housing in the UK and sparked an outcry of discussion. In particular. 12 Oct Guidance Note 3 Inspection & Testing 17th I EE Wiring Regulations Seventeenth Edition BS Requirements for Electrical. 8 Nov Hi I am newbie at the Testing and Inspection of Electrical systems. I have bought lots of books including: OSG, IEE, GN3, and Testing of.

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The end of the wire must be free inspectin burrs, and at a right angle to its length. Interestingly after he had taken the full allotted time for this assessment he announced that for his and assessments he would be using the R2 method!

It s intended to explain some of the requirements of BS but readers should always consult BS to satisfy themselves of compliance. They can also be used as a management tool to ensure that maintenance checks are being carried out and to assess their effectiveness.

GN3 Inspection & Testing Smaller

It is not for use when alterations or additions are made. Inxpection the maximt im vali le declared by the distribi itor is used, the effectiveness of the earth must be confirmed by a test.

It must be noted that it is a matter of contract as to which person or organisation is responsible for the production of the parts of the design, specification and any operational information. Notes on completion and guidance for recipients are provided with the form.

testint To exclude the resistance of the inzpection leads f ‘ o m tne resistance reading, individual leads should be taken from these terminals and connected separately to the electrode. Measures must be taken to ensure that the local equipotentiel bonding conductors are not connected to Earth either directly or unintentionally via the exposed and extraneous-conductive tsting to which they are connected.

The measuring equipment should be suitable for continuous operation. This may be impossible without dismantling the system and it is essential, therefore, that inspection should be carried out at the appropriate stage of the work, and that th s is recorded at the time for incorporation in testinv inspection and test cocuments.

Non-destructive testing — Ultrasonic inspection Part 4 Declaration 1. A loop impedance leslei is connected b e t w e e n the line conductor at the souice of the TT installation and the earth electrode, and a test performed. BS has been withdrawn, but is the standard to which older instruments should have been manufactured checking that test leads including any probes or clips tsting are in good order, are clean and have no cracked or broken insulation. Your help is much appreciated.


When making out and signing a form on behalf of a company or other business entity, individuals should state for w h o m they are acting.

Note that this Guidance Note does not ensure compliance with BS The two books I am thinking of are below: Share This Page Tweet. It is stressed that it is essential to establish which Statutory and other Regulations apply and to install accordingly.

All flexible cables other than those feeding Class II equipment must be inspected to ensure that they contain a Drotective conductor for use as an equipotential bonding conductor. See BS Inspectipn 6 0 0 7 9 for electrical apparatus for use in an explosive gas atmosphere and Tssting EN for electrical apparatus for use in the presence of combustible dust.

If the cable used does not incorporate an earthed metallic covering, or, is not installed in an eaitiled conduit, trunking or duct; or, is not provided with mechanical protection sufficient to prevent damage being caused by nails, screws or similar, it will be necessary to provide Hz kA Rated current A d.

You should have received an original Certificate and the contractor should have retained a duplicate Certificate. If the person carrying ou: Connection to the temporary spikes is made as shown in Figure 2. Installation check lists Wiring accessories Reference should also be made to aand recommendations contained in Approved Document M with regard to the heights at which socket-outlets, swtches and other controls should be installed. For reliabilty in service the resistance of any Earth electrode should oe below f2.

This in-service reading accuracy will include the effects of voltage variations around the nominal voltage of the tester.

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Inspecyion earthing system must be determined, e. It is important that the client is advised irnmedately in writing. Any and all such liabi ity is disclaimed. The measuring equipment should not be damaged nor should the user be exposed to danger in situations where the measuring equipment is connected to per cent of the rated system voltage or to per cent o: The list is not exhaustive. The safety procedures detailed in Health and Safety Executive Guidance Note GS38 revised ‘Electrical test equipment for use by electricians’ should be observed.


Add tional sheets of test results may be necessary for other than a simple ins: Ipf ,2 note 6 External loop impedance. During the initial isolation gm3 the board Energising the board for the first time Any safety infraction here will lead to your assessment being halted and will result in a ‘referral’ on your assessment sheet. As far as reasonably practicable, an inspection shall be carried out to verify: The test is made with a metallic standard test finger test finger 1 to BS It is anx responsibility of: Materials Division Inspection, Testing and Certification Use an insulation resistance tester for this test.

Inspection and Testing

Solid objects exceeding inspectiob mm in diameter’. The Landlord is responsible for inspetcion the competency of any contractors carrying out such work. All simultaneously accessible exposed conductive parts and extraneous conductive parts should be interconnected by equipotential bonding conductors.

Inspection should verify that no item is earthed within the area and that no earthed services or conductors enter or traverse the area, including the floor and ceiling.

Fo- safety reasons, the electrical installation will need to be inspected at appropriate ntervals by a competent person. In these circumstances, where the electrical -esistances to earth are relatively high and precision is not required, an earth fault loop impedance tester may be used.

Gn3 inspection and testing:

Introduction i The Electrical Installation Certificate required by Part 6 should be made out and signed or otherwise authenticated by a competent person or persons in respect of the design, construction, inspection and testing of the work. This should contain any information relating to the project which is likely to be needed during any subsequent construction work to ensure the health and sa’ety of persons.

Apart f r o m any fair dealing for the purposes of research or private study, or criticism or review, as permitted under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Actthis publication may be reproduced, stored or transmitted, in any f o r m or by any means, only with the prior permission in writing of the publishers, or in the case of reprographic reproduction in acccrdancc with the terms of licences issued by the Copyright Licensing Agency.

See Section 11 of the On-Site Guide or 2.