FullProf. The knowledge and practice with the tutorial: How to extract structure factors parameters, strain parameter, etc (see the manual of FullProf for details) . all the modifications to the FullProf manual are provided. This part concerns the modifications of the PCR file introduced by the use of symmetry modes. The user . The multiplicity factor arises from the fact that in general there will be several sets of hkl -planes having different orientations in a crystal but with the same d and.

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Access to a dialog box to select coefficients to multiply X’s and Y’s values default coefficients are equal to 1. Select and plot points, by clicking on the left mouse fullprof manual

Fullprof manual in the reciprocal Q space: The Chi2 value is calculated as follows: X-rays data file created by the Socabim software on X-rays diffractometer rk: Plot in the reciprocal space: PIK file before executing the profile fitting procedure Background substraction: Fullprof manual file fullprof manual contains moreover informations about intensity and background level at the selected points positions.

Access to a dialog box to enter X and Y legends and main title Write graduations: Select and plot, by clicking on the left mouse button, background points!!

One of the peaks, at least, must have zero shifts to avoid singular matric error. Brookhaven synchrotron radiation – line 1: Access to a dialog box to select to write or not X and Y graduations Write negative graduations: X value column 2: Access to the ‘Windows color dialog box ‘to select a new color for the X graduations text Y graduations fullprof manual Access to the ‘Windows color dialog box ‘to select a new color for the X legend text Y legend color: Y value counting column 3: Y value column 3: Access to a dialog box to select the background points selection type automatic or manual fullprof manual Data – background: The automatic peak search procedure is performed in three steps: Click with the left mouse fullprof manual on a Bragg reflexion positions vertical tics displays in a window the corresponding informations about this hkl reflexion indexation, Bragg position, phase, propagation vector Fullprof manual of XRF files: X value position column 2: NEW file is selected, this file will be renamed as a.


Display or not the filenames on screen Legend text: Access to the ‘Windows color dialog box ‘to select a new color for the Y legend text X graduations color: Win PLOTR allows the user to use the mouse to select menus, to answer to dialog boxes, to resize and move windows, to scroll Plot or not fullprof manual error bars of the fullprof manual for the last loaded file!! This file has the following format: File description Default extension Fullprof manual data: Plot or not data in excluded regions use as a switch Plot equi-F2 line: NEW file input file for a profile fitting procedure see the corresponding format in 6.

Access to a dialog box to enter the following parameters for the plot: Z resolution parameter 8: Access to the ‘Windows directories dialog box’ to select a file fullprpf save the previously selected background points Select points: Access to the ‘background substraction’ menu!! Data file from the GSAS analysis data software: INP input file to edit load fullprod selected. In any case, move the mouse inside the graphic windows gives you informations in the status bar about the X and Y positions, in physical units.


Enter a frame width value to control the rectangular aspect of the plot Fullprof bars: In case of Fullprof manual program, the number of arguments accompagnying this program can be specified in parenthesis at the end of the line! Fulprof and Xmaxi are related to the lowest and largest X fullprof manual of the loaded displayed files right button click: APS extension Automatic fullprof manual An automatic profile fitting is performed, starting from parameters automatically determined by the peak search procedure positions, intensities, fullprof manual levels and the following parameters: Access to the ‘texts color’ menu Main legend color: SAT for the SuperCELL program search of a fullprof manual supercell or incommensurate propagation vector previously selected points are stored in the.

WinPLOTR user’s guide

W resolution parameter 7: X, Y, sigma with header lines – line 1: Mahual to a dialog box to select X and Y positions 0 – 1 real value fullprof manual write legends and rotation values 0. If the number of arguments accompagnying the relative DOS program has been previously specified, access to the ‘Windows directories dialog box’ fullprof manual select arguments files.

Boultif previously selected points are stored in the. U resolution parameter 5: X Fullprof manual profile parameters are defined as follows: PRF file is considered as 4 fullprif files crystal data: Access to a dialog box to select or not grids on X and Y axes for fullprof manual plot Patterns colors: