A crítica foi feita pelo presidente da ANF durante o lançamento do novo Formulário Galénico Português. E sustentada com base numa legislação que lhes. Compounding Practices in a. Portuguese Community Pharmacy. FIGURE 1. Formulário Galénico Português monograph: Phenobarbital 1% oral suspension. Formulário Galénico Nacional – Prontuário terapêutico – Formulário Galénico Português – Manual de Terapêutica Dermatológica e Cosmetológica, Aureliano da.

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General, terminology, definitions and evolution of concepts.

Marta de Oliveira Ferreira, Portugal

Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Technology. Pharmaceutical aspects related to small scale preparation of the different dosage forms. Recommend this page Top. In the exhibition uses the data “show. Stability and beyond-use dates of compounded medicines.

Galenical Pharmacy

Quality of raw materials, packaging materials and finished products. Monographs of compounded medicines, standards, recommendations, information. General system of State reimbursement of the price of compounded medicines. Preparation of suspensions for oral administration. Preparation of compounded medicines: United States Pharmacopoeial Convention Inc.

Comuta visibilidade da coluna esquerda. Language of Instruction Portuguese. Bibliography of Galenical Pharmacy.


The program of this subject has been organized under the assumption that students have knowledge of Anatomy, Histology, Physiology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Immunology, Pharmaceutical Technology, Biopharmacy and Pharmacokinetics, Pathophysiology and Pharmacotherapy. Galenic formularies and their importance. Skills laboratory — Use the information contained forrmulario pharmacopoeias and other information sources in the formulation, preparation and control of compounded medications; — Good practices to be followed in the portuguee of compounded drugs in dispensing at pharmacy and hospital; Packaging and labelling of pharmaceutical preparations, according with regulamentar rules; — Interpretation of prescriptions containing officinal and magistral formulations; — Identifying new solutions for individual compounding prepared in hospital pharmacy.

Medical areas in which compounded medicines are more frequent.

Impact of Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine. Comuta visibilidade da coluna direita. Provide students formulraio a thorough knowledge on the technical, scientific and regulatory aspects related to Compounded Medicines, in order to give them the necessary skills to perform well in professional preparation and dispensing of these medicines in community pharmacy and hospital pharmacy, including the adoption, in each concrete situation, of the appropriate technical procedures, to ensure the preparation of medicines with quality, safety and efficacy and in compliance with the regulatory formularlo.


Galenical Pharmacy – Course Unit – University of Coimbra

Pharmacotherapeutic follow-up of patients. Subjects are systematized, aiming to achieve the competencies that are established for this teaching unit. Students with a final score lower than 9. Practical aspects of the legislation applicable to compounded medicines: The lecture and laboratory are taught to enable students to grasp selective and integrated scientific knowledge.

Mode of Delivery Face-to-face. Compounding total and partial parenteral nutrition. Reasons for preparing medicines on small scale at the community and hospital pharmacies. Preparation formularik gelatin capsules. Study of concrete porugues of compounded medications and discuss of related pharmacotherapeutic and pharmaceutical aspects. Work Placement s No Syllabus Plenary lectures 1.

Marta de Oliveira Ferreira, Portugal

Pharmaceutical Compounding and Pharmaceutical Care. Preparation of other semi-solid dosage forms. Elimination of outdated raw materials.