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You have to fill I, Affidavit of support form, if you need to show that you can financially support your relatives (or anyone else) visiting the U.S. You do not. Simply prepare Affidavit of Support – Form I online. Instructions included allowing you to easily complete the affidavit of support to file with USCIS. I am willing and able to receive, maintain, and support the person(s) named in item 3. I am ready and willing to deposit a bond, if necessary, to guarantee that.

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Filling Out Form I-134 Affidavit of Support to Help a U.S. Visa Applicant

The information provided on this site is not legal advice, does not constitute a lawyer referral service, and no attorney-client or confidential relationship is or will be formed by use of the site. An immigrant visa is issued to persons wishing to immigrate to the U.

Difference Between Form I and I? If there are more than 3, add that information on Page 7. Visa for children of K-1 Visa holder K F3 Family Third Preference: If you are self-employed you must also send in last years tax return preferably tax transcripts from the IRS. If using a joint sponsor, the joint sponsor may sign this form. This category also includes immigration based on a U. Form I Affidavit of Support is used to demonstrate a visa applicant has sponsorship and will not become a public charge while in the United States.


What are the conditions, if any? This website is run by a private company.

The sponsor, who is usually the petitioning relative of the applicant, must file an Affidavit of Support for the visa or green card applicant. Citizens or Permanent Residents wishing to permanently leave their foreign country and settle and live in the U. Part 3 Number aftidavit – 21 are about your immediate family members and dependents.

It is the form required by the Department of State in all family-based immigration petitions and some employment-based immigration petitions.

Married sons and daughters of U. A nonimmigrant visa is the visa issued to persons wishing to temporary visit or work in the U. Part 3 has several parts. Return The following are special instructions for completeing Form I Write in section 3. Affidavit of support is to be submitted aftidavit you are paying for their trip and other expenses like lodging, food, insurance if any etc.

We pride ourselves in running the latest technology to make the immigration application process easy and secure. By signing this form, the sponsor agrees to financially support the beneficiary. How much does it cost to file Form I Affidavit of Support? Contact Me With Questions. A separate affidavit must be filed by the sponsor for each person.

It means if there is a possibility of you needing government welfare, your visa may be denied under the public charge grounds of inadmissibility. Visa for Spouse The I Affidavit of Support is required for the following immigration visa applications: One reason an immigrant can be found inadmissible is if they are at risk of becoming a public charge.


How can I get a sponsor to the U. If you are self employed, copy of last tax return or report of commercial rating concern. They are often required as a part of the visa or green card application.

Can I make an affidavit on my own? If you are an hourly employee, be sure to calculate what you would make before tax for an entire year.

Married couples submitting joint support documentation showing BOTH names may complete one form. Sales Sales Affiliates Library Trade. Form I is also an Affidavit of Support Form. Before you continue, please understand that: Register Now Testimonials Success Stories. What is Form I? Affiidavit category generally includes immediate relatives of U.

Form I Affidavit Of Support Instructions: Free Download

Click here to download the form. The sponsor must file a separate affidavit for each applicant. One major difference between the two form is the income requirement.

How do I file an Affidavit of Support? Questions 7a — 7b: Enter the address of the place that you currently work. Do I need an I Affidavit of support if I suppoet sponsoring my and my family’s son and wife trip? How To Obtain U. This website is run by a private company. Questions 12a —