The Firehouse Jazz Band – Dixieland Fake Book – Ebook download as PDF File . pdf) or read book online. Documents Similar To Firehouse Jazz Band – Dixieland Fake Book. Combo Orks Book No 1 Bb Instruments Trumpet, Tenor Sax. Clarinet. Uploaded by. 3 Jan KVR Audio News: One of the most popular and useful collections of trad jazz and Dixieland songs is now available on the Fakebook Pro.

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Dm 7 G 7 iSolos at “B’H zsr: Wild Bill DavisonDukes of Dixielandetc. That boy’s the “cats”.

They took her where they put the crazies, Now poor girehouse Min’ is kickin’ up daisies. Rufe Johnson’s – P. Died in flu epidemic just before their famous trip to England. Nick was co-composer of several great traditional jazz songs. What’s that they’re say Were you a – round in? Melody Solo – 1 Bar: You’ve heard my story, this faje the song, She was just a good gal but they done her wrong.



Ain’t we been stickin’ together thru thick and thin? Like fakf sit- ting on a log. Lyrics by Johnny Mercer. From Mon – day I’m tell – ing you: The Standard Riff for “Honeysuckle”: I Ain’t Mis- be-hav- in 1Fm sav- in’ my love for you.

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She bought herself a big forty-four. G 7 -o- Bar Bar ney ney Goo – gle, had a wife three times his size. Some- day Sweet- Someday Sweethert jazs P.

They Down old Pal – es – teen – a way. Dial in on my se-crets and you’ll tune off yet, Fzke grave- yard is the sta-tion that you’re gon-na get!

Bugle Call Rag – P. She was a low-down hooch- y cooch- er. I mean he understands that he is tuned differently to a guitar badn keyboard, but I wonder if that wouldn’t really confuse him in sight reading? I went down to St. And it Do,n inLoUs-i.

I shot my man, ’cause he was doin’ me wrong”. Dorsey, Condon, Krupa, etc. Still others swear that the first two notes of the bridge are pick-up notes played before the downbeat. Leo Watsonetc.


It’s Most ev-‘ry-bod-y was a “Tan- go bug!

Firehouse Jazz Band Fake Book in Bb?

They put some G 7 C 7 fine spring chick- ens in the land, And taught my Mam-my how to use a fry-ing pan. I tS m m Who’s sor – ry now? I’m feel – ing blue. The young arranger was Glenn Miller. Grab a jug and firehkuse the rug, I mean this joint is jump- in’. Another Roaring 20’s pop tune, made more popular by Barney being a well-known cartoon character. Play 2nd line of “B” at original tempo.

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It is actually the last section of W. Must you al- ways sigh?

Bo, the Georgia Bo – Bo. Big Four”Bob Crosby Orch.