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I’m sure the reason for this is that it has a much simpler and less powerful frame buffer than the I don’t know of any Extron processors that deliver sub one frame latency.

I’m hearing talk of it doing bad things at 50 hz, but I took the plunge and bought one anyway. Interlaced sources exhron fine though. The isn’t better for p, it just doesn’t have edge ringing artifacts. Fudoh hanging around here at all?

Thu Nov 10, 1: Extron DVS Thoughts? Well, at least with my unit with a 1. Wed Dec 20, 7: Otherwise, the image was nice enough. Wed Nov 09, 3: Every once and a while, it looks like its skipping a frame, or that might be my TV. This scaler looks pretty good. Fri Oct 13, 5: What are your guys thoughts on it? Mon Dec 31, 8: I just figured something out when i was adjusting this DVSa scaler. In fact it’s damn fast, I don’t think it’s less than 1 frame, but I can’t be sure. However, at 60Hz it’s a whole other story close to perfection when the device is compatible and after fiddling with picture size adjustments.


Tue Nov 08, 2: I have to say, with the SLG the ringing is much less obvious. I’ve owned a couple newer Extron processors and ringing only showed when the Extron “detail” setting was turned up. How fast is it? Fri Oct 13, We’re talking p here. Sun Dec 10, 9: Wed Nov 16, Is the really that much better with p than the ? You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum.

Extron DVS Four Input Video and RGB Scaler | eBay

I picked up an Extron DVS scaler recently and have been putting it through its paces. No registered users and 12 guests. Users browsing this forum: It does apparently handle 24khz sources though, which is what most people would use it for.

And the p handling isn’t quite as terrible as some other scalers out there, but you can tell the DVS is definitely treating it extfon i. With that said, I think the DVS is a little faster.


Extron DVS 304 Four Input Video and RGB Scaler

Previous topic Next topic. Yes, at 50Hz, it’s not behaving properly for p sources as it messes up the field order resulting in nasty combing artefacts.

I hooked up a mini SLG to it and it seems to be a good fit as you can change the polarity of the H and V outputs on the scaler itself for different resolutions. Wed Nov 09, 1: Wed Nov 16, 8: Direct HDMI output is nice, but a Framemeister does it better–with the ability to perform deinterlacing and the same amount of lag.

Fudoh hinted that it’s good at doing 24khz, so at least there’s that. It is currently Mon Dec 31, 8: Theres only 1 thing. It does have screen tearing issues, however, due to its much less powerful frame buffer. It is still a super quick processor which is definitely a plus over some wxtron the other crappy scalers. Exttron waiting Fudoh’s dsv on hazard city. Page 1 of 1. But as I’ve said, that has its own downsides as well.