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EuroVelo is the European cycle route network, is a project of the European Cyclists’ Federation to develop 14 long-distance cycle routes crossing Europe. Maps for Eurovelo Cycle Network are now available at OpenAndroMaps starting with the EV6. Maps are extrem small in size and easy to install, this means you. Visit here the EuroVelo and Cycle Tourism Conference’s website and also For more information on cycling the 15 EuroVelo routes, please visitÂ.

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EuroVelo 1 signing in Ireland. Please have a look at this overview of the available sizes. Despite sometimes tight financial constraints, the EuroVelo project has already begun to fulfil the vision of its founders with sections of the network being implemented in countries as far apart as Finland, Cyprus, Spain and the UK.

EuroVelo: The Easy Way to Cycle Europe –

Since Augustthe ECF has assumed full responsibility for the project. The EuroVelo Cycle Routes. It then passes through Italy more closely following Sigeric’s route to Rome before continuing on to the Adriatic port city of Brindisi. The individual maps on the EuroVelo website clearly show which route sections are already developed and which are in the planning stages. The proposed itinerary communicated is a proposal for the best possible option currently available.

Courtesy of a few ferry journeys, it joins up the mqp that share a coastline on the North Sea: EuroVelo 6 — from the Atlantic to the Black Sea is the most popular route for crossing Europe by bicycle. Lots of cyclists do it anyway and never get caught. Everything you need to know about cycling in France your independent guide. With limited resources, eurovel ECF encourages national and regional organisations to promote and develop the infrastructure of the routes.

  ISO 3382-2 PDF

Check out Weatherspark for climate conditions all over the world.

Sign Up for Our Newsletter: It passes through most countries in eastern Europe before arriving in Athens. On the back of the map is a short introduction to each of the 15 routes together with sources of further information at a national level.

Retrieved 11 November Retrieved 9 December Loire to the Mediterranean by Richard Peace both cover off French sections of this route. As a minimum, new routes, or major extensions to existing routes, should meet the criteria for Developed EuroVelo Routes with EuroVelo signs.

EuroVelo routes can be used for bicycle touring across the continent, as well as by local people making short journeys.

From the very north of Scandinavia to Sagres in the south-west corner of the Iberian Peninsula, this is the longest of the fourteen EuroVelo routes. A further distinction is made if the signing incorporates EuroVelo route information panels too. Retrieved 7 January The tours are self-guided so you can go at your own pace.

The first of the circular routes and second only in length to the Atlantic Coast route. We hope that this summary will be useful both for professionals working with us to improve the network and for cycling tourists planning their next journey! Petersburg in the east to Denmark in the west, from the border between Sweden and Finland in the north to the coast of Poland in the south. Bicycle touring in Europe is best between May and September for most regions.

Please do not forget to mention the item you would like to receive. The cycling route continues after the Italian capital all the way to the Adriatic coast at Brindisi.


ECF is constantly working with its National EuroVelo Coordination Centres and Eurvoelo on developing the network but there remain differences in the conditions of the euroovelo sometimes even between different sections on the same route. This page was last edited on 15 Julyat It may also contain dangerous sections. EV7 runs from the North Cape to Maltawill whisk you from the Arctic Circle in Norway, the land of the midnight sun, to island hopping in the Mediterranean.

Where do you want to look?

The EuroVelo Cycle Routes

The Iron Curtain Trail is covered in a Bikeline guide of the same name. They should be at least Developed EuroVelo Routes with EuroVelo signs at the time that they formally join the network see below.

It was funded in part eurofelo the European Union’s Interreg initiative.

In other projects Eurovepo Commons Wikivoyage. In Western European countries, including Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and France, wild camping is generally prohibited. If you use a site such as Ridewithgps. It has a well-developed infrastructure both online and in maps, and is well sign-posted from the mouth of the great river in The Netherlands, along the border between France and Germany where surovelo can choose which side of the river you would like to cycle before heading into the Alps to find the source of the Rhine at Andermatt, Switzerland.