15 out. Breve História da Neurociência Cognitiva INTRODUÇÃO HISTÓRIA DO HISTÓRIA DA PSICOLOGIA Empirismo: conhecimento através de. age (estimated from 9 to 11 yrs) the right hemisphere would take Ongudge function, for the cerebral hemispheres were equipotencial in the young child. Free Online Library: Las funciones psiquicas superiores, la corteza cerebral y la como la idea de la homogeneidad y la equipotencialidad del tejido cerebral.

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He took a course in zoologyhowever, and switched his major to zoology due to his interactions with a professor. Goodheart Melba J.

Equipotentiality – Wikipedia

He enrolled at West Virginia Universitywhere he had originally intended to become an English major. This page was last edited on 28 Decemberat McVicker Hunt Laurance F. Karl Spencer Lashley June 7, — August 7, was a psychologist and behaviorist remembered for his contributions to the study of learning and memory. Lawrence Erlbaum associates, Inc.

Equipotencialldad Spencer Lashley Award, If cortical tissue is destroyed following the learning of a complex task, deterioration of performance on the task is determined more by the amount of tissue destroyed than equipotenclalidad its location.

Karl Lashley

Lashley’s career began with research concerning brain mechanisms and how they were related to sense receptors. He reached this erroneous conclusion due to imperfect lesioning methods.

This led Lashley to conclude that memories are not localized, but that they are widely distributed across the cortex.

Hull Edward C. Stanley Hall I.



An introduction to the history of psychology. Franz made multiple lesions in specific parts of the brains and after they healed, put them through the maze to see if they had deficits in finding the food. Bray Carol D. A Review of General Psychology survey, published inranked Lashley as the 61st most cited psychologist of the 20th century.

While there he also carried out research which he used for his master’s thesis. In this context when we use brain we are referring to the cortex.

Lashley’s father held various local political positions. The first was his mother Maggie Blanche Spencer. Archived from the original on Since the area of the brain that was originally performing this function is damaged and unusable, the brain compensates and can code that information in other parts of the brain. Lashley has always held his family in high regard.

Ghiselli and Brown did an experiment where they destroyed various subcortical regions of the brain in rats and tested their abilities to learn mazes compared to rats with no damage done to their brains.


Lashley contributed to psychology and neuropsychology in a number of equipotencialdiad. He grew up in a middle-class family with a reasonably comfortable life. Together the two conducted field experiments and studied the effects of different drugs on equipotdncialidad learning of rats. This would suggest that just one part of the brain is not responsible for memory and localization was totally ruled out. He did not have many friends.

After performing ablation experiments on birds, and seeing that they could still fly, peck, mate, sleep, and perform a range of equipotencilidad regular behaviors, Flourens concluded that every area of the brain was capable of doing what every other area of the brain could, but only for higher-level functions which he called “perception”.


Kazdin James H.

Views Read Edit View history. John Black Johnston, a professor at West Virginia University named, taught the first zoology equipotencialirad that Lashley took.

What they found was that the mice had no deficits finding the food if the cerehral were in a specific part of the brain but if the lesions damaged a large portion of the brain, they did have troubles finding food. Robert Richardson Sears J. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

He studied many animals and primates, which had been an interest since his freshman year at college. This eventually began to soften his vertebrae, and as a result a splenectomy was performed. In Februarywhile doing his teaching at Harvard, Lashley unexpectedly collapsed and was hospitalized. However, equipotentiality and the law of mass action don’t mean that there is no localization. Karl Lashley worked with Donald Hebb in The Yerkes Laboratories; a lab that worked with monkeys to study various psychological concepts.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. National Academy of Sciences. Review of General Psychology.