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Qualification of assembly personnel according to DIN EN 1-day training course for bolting technicians. Theoretical and practical training with final. We provide training according to EN Qualification of personnel competency in the assembly of the bolted connections of critical service pressurized. 22 Jun Qualification of personnel competency in the assembly of the bolted connections of critical service pressurized systems. I.S. EN

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There is also set a clear distinction between a trainer and an assessor. In case of a complaint, were you satisfied with its settlement?

EN – The key to success? | Spetech

We also offer to arrange an in-house training course at your preferred location. This certificate has a validity of 5 years, although they must be able to prove that they have worked with bolted flange connections for at least 6 months without interruption.

Are you satisfied with the quality of our services? You may experience issues viewing this site in Internet Explorer 9, 10 or For example we have: Special strain gauges for demonstration of force transmissions. Ultimately, however, this requires a rethinking of the plant operators to employfully qualified staand requires them to have confidence in what this standard brings.

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This includes not only for the reduction of emissions, but also for the reliability of each component of the system. The assembly values determined by the 159-14 calculation method requires the controlled tightening of bolts, so therefore it needs competent and qualifi ed fi tters to perform the work. Together, they form the key global source of technical knowledge and guidance on sealing technology, which is the basis for these articles.


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I agree that this site uses cookies Read more …. 159-14 allowed a plant designer to design in any required compliance with emission legislations. There have been training courses oered by various companies and institutions with foresight throughout the development cycle of the EN Flanges with all types of bearing surfaces on which pressure tests can be carried out. They were described as being in accordance with ENbut sadly many failed to completely cover the requirements of the final standard.

Contact Services Flange management Comprehensive solution Detection 1591- measurement of leaks On-site machining Proposed solutions for problematic joints Controlled tightening Dry lubricants application Training – flange joints Training according to EN Aim, content, result of training Certificate of 15914- Customer references 1951-4 of training Slovnaft – reexamination Composite technology Production Flat gaskets Graphite sealing tapes Pressed graphite rings Vulcanization Contact IQ Guide.

This standard applies to bolt joints mechanicssurveillance workers and responsible technicians who dismantle, assemble and tighten screw connections in pressure equipment in critical applications. Primary flange forces — Part 2.

Training according to EN |

Worldwide Standards We can source any standard from anywhere in the world. European standards and regulations ensure the quality and readiness of our high duty applications. Certification to this European Standard provides an attestation of general competency in accordance with the stated syllabi and assessments. The modular structure created allows a bolting technician, once competency in the foundation level has been achieved, to obtain competency in higher levels as required.

With the entry into force of ENthere has been given a possibility in Europe to bring the quality of installation work during plant construction projects, maintenance work and shutdowns to a uniformly high level and thereby reduce environmental damage, accidents and production losses to a minimum. Are you satisfied with delivery times? We impart our comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience to the participants of this training. In addition to this, the EN sets further requirements that they must be proven by a separate advanced training module.


In realistic exercises the bolt forces during assembly are monitored and displayed online in order to experience the influence of different parameters such as tightening technique, friction, surface quality, Other European states will follow this example and gradually adapt their national fugitive emission regulations. The basic training module is the most extensive within the new standard and includes a variety of topics of different value. We will prepare a price offer for you based on the required number of persons you wish to attend the training.

The training plan is divided in 3 sections with theoretical and practical units based on practical application.

AMTEC has been playing an active role in developing techniques to understand root causes for leakages and find out how to achieve leak-free joints for more than 15 years now. Where the training takes place is for the provider to decide, it can be on a customer site or a purpose built building. What is the impact of flange finish on gasket performance? Sn early attempts in the USA and Germany.

Training Course:

Publications A method for e the design of flanges – Part 1. The basic content of the EN is as follows: Was there a complaint?

The requirements of the theoretical exam are subject to the assessor and can be discussed with the operator. Flansche und ihre Verbindungen.

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