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Qualification of assembly personnel according to DIN EN 1-day training course for bolting technicians. Theoretical and practical training with final. We provide training according to EN Qualification of personnel competency in the assembly of the bolted connections of critical service pressurized. 22 Jun Qualification of personnel competency in the assembly of the bolted connections of critical service pressurized systems. I.S. EN

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After the successful completion of this basic course several optional higher levels are available, which provide additional knowledge in specific areas such as heat exchangers, pressure vessels, special flanges etc. Finally, upon successfully proving their abilities the training participant will receive a certificate eh all the relevant information about the course content, skill levels, additional qualifications, etc.

Training Course:

All such bespoke sealings are our specialty — so next time if you seek a gasket made from special alloy, a seal to be supplied with special approvals, packing delivered in a short time or you simply need any other high duty sealing solution – check out our production program and send us an enquiry about 15914- requirements.

Accept and continue Learn more about the 11591-4 we use and how to change your settings. A route for achieving competency in the skills required to safely and successfully disassemble, assemble and tighten pressurised bolted joints of any shape to a design bolt load using documented work instructions is given in this document.

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Was there a complaint? Leggere attentamente le istruzioni prima di effettuare il download. Are you satisfied with the quality of our services? VDI — Resulting consequences for users and manufacturers of static gaskets. Training and examination can be executed on one single day. Are our prices satisfactory for you? We impart our comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience to 15591-4 participants of this training.


A method eh calculating the design of flanges – Part 2.

BS EN 1591-4:2013

This European Standard is applicable to the bolting technicians, and their supervisors, the responsible engineers, who disassemble, assemble and tighten the bolted connections of whatever shape of critical service pressurised systems.

These capabilities must be tested and confi em by a certifi ed expert assessor. The standard provides a modular training curriculum and is very thorough with its technical content.

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It requires all industrial plants to operate according to the current best available techniques BAT. Are you satisfied with the quality of our products? Offset Seals for Butterfly Valves. Is our packaging safe for transport and storage? In addition to this, the EN sets further requirements that they must be proven by a separate advanced training module. You may experience issues viewing this site in Internet Explorer 9, 10 or The fi rst of fi ve parts, it set the physical properties and calculation system so that leakage classes of bolted fl ange connections could be designed in mind.

Worldwide Standards We can source any standard from anywhere in the world. For this reason, training matrices dealing with bolted connections of various levels of complexity and for different types of pressurised bolted connections are given in this document.

Bolted fl anged connections are highlighted key factors in the safe operation of pressure-stressed systems, for the protection of human health and the environment. Bolting technicians have to assemble bolted connections of different levels of complexity.

The assembly values determined by the EN calculation method requires the controlled tightening of bolts, so therefore it needs competent and qualifi ed fi tters to perform the work. Ne analysis of double cone 1951-4 gasket operation.

Training according to EN |

Primary flange forces — Part 1. A failure of a connection in such a system would endanger personnel, plant or the environment. You may find similar items within these categories by selecting from the choices below:. The training plan is divided in 3 sections with theoretical and practical units based on practical application.


This means that the training and assessment cannot be performed by one and the same person. What gasket thickness should I use in my flange system? Training according to EN Aim, content, result of training Certificate of competency Customer references Dates of training Slovnaft – reexamination.

As a result of this, and after many years of work, the EN Flanges and their joints – Part 4: The modular structure created allows a bolting technician, once competency in the foundation level has been achieved, to obtain competency in higher levels as required. Qualification of personnel competency in the assembly of the bolted connections of critical service pressurized systems. Carrello UNIstore Non ci sono articoli nel tuo carrello. Durability of expanded graphite in high temperature applications.

The een of the complete training course is required to be kept by the assessor, participant and the operator for the duration of its validity. Flansche und ihre Verbindungen.

There have been training courses oered by various companies and institutions with foresight throughout the development cycle 151-4 the EN That is why our manufacturing centre is situated in Poland.

Effect of temperature on bolted flange assemblies. A crucial aspect is that any responsible engineers or 191-4 must have acquired at least the same skill levels as the fitters or mechanics supervised by them. We will prepare a price offer for you based on the required number of persons you wish to attend the training.