Low Voltage Cables. Low Voltage Cables. Single Core Cables with Solid or Stranded Copper Conductors and PVC Insulated (/ V). Elsewedy Cables KSA, Doha Cables, Elsewedy Cables Ethiopia, Elsewedy If your required cable/conductor is out of our catalogue range, you can use the. Elsewedy Cables was established in and is considered as one of the oldest Elsewedy Cables is specialized mainly in Wires, Cables, Telecom Solutions.

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Elsewedy Cables is one of cales leading worldwide manufacturers producing a wide range of cable, wires, special cables, fire resistance cables, fiber optic cables, network cables, cables accessories and integrated solutions. Fire resistant cables continue to operate in the presence of a fire and are commonly referred to as circuit integrity cables. The special characteristics of the FR Cables cabless make it suitable for an almost infinite number of applications and environments such as: The test method is not suitable for the testing of some small wires due to the melting of the conductors during the time of application of the flame.

Load Factor It is defined as the average power divided by the peak power, over a period of time. Cables for alarmand safety systems 2 We offer the widest range of cables on the market for every kind of installation. The cables are tested based on the following standards: Type tests Tests made before supplying, on a general commercial basis, a type of cable covered by this standard, in order to demonstrate satisfactory performance characteristics to meet the intended application.

Rohini Bhattacharyya, Dubai cables Ltd.

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Elsewedy Electric has the capacity and the will to lead. That s Performance with purpose. So there was a great need for a type of cables which operate under the fire conditions, fire resistant cables provide a good system for emergency circuits where the integrity of the electric network is maintained during the fire conditions. Usually, in IEC standard, nominal values give rise to values to be checked by measurements taking into account specified tolerances. International Flsewedy Compliance The most important feature during fire condition is that the fire alarm circuit is working under the fire, in case the cables connecting the fire alarm circuits are burnt the whole alarm system is useless.


Elsewedy Electric About us. Every possible safety feature designed to prevent and protect against loss of life and damage to property should be specified and installed.

El Sewedy Cables

Page 1 15 Fire resistant, flame retardant halogen-free power cable. The higher the datalogue transmittance, the less smoke emitted during a fire. This is significant for the critical circuits required for life safety or a safe and immediate plant shut down. Be Certain with Belden.

Fire warning plants, alarm systems, ventilation system, escalators, lifts, safety lights, operation and cataligue stations, maintenance equipment.

Matchmaster can supply For The Best Design and supply of. Fire alarm cable is specified in the article of the American national electric code NEC and Elsewedy electric is a UL certified as recognized manufacturer.

El Sewedy Cables

Purpose designed to maintain circuit integrity to a host of critical safety systems, including fire alarms, emergency lights, CCTV systems and emergency power supplies, Fire Resistant cables form a vital component of elxewedy safety system. We are proud of what we have achieved so far but recognize catalogu there is much work to be done to meet the aggressive goals we have set for ourselves. Raw material are continuously and repetitively tested from trial orders till the last batch.

The temperature on the cable is C, The test shall continue for the flame application time, after which the flame shall be extinguished but the cable sample shall remain energized for a further 15 min.


This light travels across the enclosure to a photocell connected to recording equipment in the window on the other end.

Inductance Inductance The self and mutual inductance are formulated as follow: A 60 cm long cable cablles is fixed vertically inside a metallic box and the lower end is exposed to a gas burner angled at 45 to the horizontal.

For this More information. Insulation resistance The insulation resistance is formulated as follow Where K: It is always More information. Applications for cable are virtually endless.

Low Smoke and Halogen free Cables In all fire disasters, smoke, halogen and toxic fumes of traditional PVC sheathed cables are the main obstacles to safe evacuation of a building or an area. RADOX railway cables acc.

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A major contribution towards overcoming these hazards slsewedy the. Raw material are catzlogue and repetitively tested from trial orders till the last batch More information. Network Standard Advice No. We will continue to work and fight for those things that make the worlda better place. Charging Current The charging current is the capacitive current which flows when AC voltage is applied to the conductor and earth, and for a multicore cable in which cores are not screened, between conductors.

Global cable expertise for rolling stock Global cable expertise for rolling stock Global cable expertise for rolling stock Single and multicore Low voltage control cables Jumper cables HV roof cables 25 kv rubber cables for power needs of locomotives More information.