El falsificador de pasaportes de Cioma SchÖnhaus. 2 likes. Book. : El falsificador de pasaportes () by Cioma Schonhaus and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books. : EL FALSIFICADOR DE PASAPORTES: BUEN ESTADO-6 (REF- D)

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The book is an engaging account, but be warned that Cioma is frank about his sexual adventures and how sex also helped keep him alive. Jan 13, Sana rated it it was amazing.

Jun 17, Ohyassi rated it really liked it. The book starts slowly but builds dramatically as the noose closes around Schonhaus’ neck. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

An interesting story, but weirdly written. He forged papers for many people to survive. Schonhaus was able to forge passes and other docuements, making not only a person who was saved, but a person who paasportes the saving. Since he was blond and blue-eyed many Nazi This book is a memoir of a 22 year old graphic artist who found a unique outlet for his talents.

Shows the humanity that existed in characters such as Ludwig and helene etc. Jul 28, Peter rated it really liked it. A great example of someone with a heart of gold, nerves of steel and tenacity to never stop when doing what’s right or what is necessary to help others.

What Cioma did was alter genuine documents from the original German owners to the new Jewish ones. This memoir is excellent first and foremost because of a beautiful translation which I’ll assume reflects a beautiful composition in the original German although I haven’t seen the text in German.


The Forger: An Extraordinary Story of Survival in Wartime Berlin

Maybe not the best-written holocaust memoir. The book reads more like fiction than biography since we are constantly going from great danger to relative safety and back again. But if you took a sackful of peas and tipped them out on the floor, the hole would be filled immediately.

Instead, he relays with joy the encounters he had where he was able to outsmart the Nazis and carry out his work to secure safe passage for others, just falsificadorr and hours away from being deport to a concentration camp. Since he avoided the concentration camps it was a bit more mild, although still portraying the unbelievable inhumanity they were treated with.

Sep 17, Cheryl rated it liked it Shelves: Aug 25, Ann rated it liked it.

Falsificadores de pasaporte fueron capturados en Colombia

Although Schonhaus is short on drawing the bigger picture of life in wartime Berlin, his remarkable story of survival reads like an adventure tale, but unlike those fanciful novels, the reader is always aware of the impending doom for the city as the war grinds on and the very deadly consequences for the author’s ‘characters’ should they be found out. Definitely not your typical Holocaust survival book which is, more often than not, an emotional and heartbreaking account of inhumane treatment and tragic loss of family and friends.

Want to Fxlsificador saving…. There are no discussion topics falsificaxor this book yet. The whole genre of Holocaust literature inspires horror and revulsion for the Nazis, disgust for the collaborating and enabling Germans and great sympathy for the Jews and other victims of the vile policies of Hitler and his entire morally-bankrupt Klan.


He served hundreds of fellow Jews, Russians and Gypsies by giving them what appeared to be legitimate documents. The way of life for those who lived in Berlin is portrayed with an insight that is not written about as often.

I’ve read many many books about survival in this terrible time in history and most are of camps but this one is survival avoiding the camps. As a result, it is an interesting story, but it is written rather poorly.

The story starts duringand covers the experience of Schonhaus as he hids at in Berlin, escaping the deportations that took the rest of his family. Sep 16, Juliej rated it really liked it. This book is a memoir of a 22 year old graphic artist who found a unique outlet for his talents. He had many close calls, which ultimately led him to decide to work his way through Germany to try and escape to Switzerland.

Cioma is a cheeky chappy who will always find a way around any situation and thoroughly enjoys outwitting those who would have him deported to the camps and gassed.

Much, much more than a e exchange. I had to answer those questions because the author was very brave and e, up and was counted against the Nazis. Refresh and try again. It is unclear, at least to this reader, if it is the translation or the author the tone being a way to distance himself.

This book is completely different.