8 Dec Hi, I have a crystal report with Invoice Number as a field in it. I need to burst the report with following as the output. 1. Destination: FTP server 2. CrystaKiwi Bursting enables you to process and send the same Crystal Report file to multiple recipients, with each recipient getting a personalized set of data. Hi, I need to email a group of data to one client and other goup data to another client. i need to automate this in crystal report. Any idea how to.

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Licensed per concurrent-user, it can be configured so that all users share the same settings or to allow each user to have their own settings. A new PDF Rotate utility can be used to rotate landscape-oriented pages within a PDF to portrait orientation counter-clockwise 90 reoorts. We do not sell nor trade your information to any third parties.

However, by using formulas, you could very easily use the results from your query to fill these lines. I already gave the answer in this thread. The problem is, the generation of the report is automated.

Quick Mail now allows you to attach another PDF document, such as a cover sheet. Desing your page like this. Unfortunately, we have received feedback that the explanation below has been insufficient in many cases.

Crystal report bursting Jul 07, How much do you spend on postage for each document? Removing the option to Suppress if No Records will create a blank file so that nothing is sent if there are no values to be sent.

Integrates seamlessly with your existing accounting and report writing software Not only can you password protect, but you can send multiple PDFs to one e-mail destination Easy to set up rules to customize exploded filenames, nested archive folders and e-mail content Cost effective; reduce labor costs from days to minutes: Send burst or exploded PDF documents by E-Mail or FTP or just archive on your hard disk with or without additional documents attached based on rules you define. We are only a small company but we are keen to play our part!


Any idea how to do this?

This edition runs on a network shared computer as a shared printer. This allows you to edit e-mails before sending and to save copies in the Sent folder. This will ensure that your process always creates the RRD file first and then proceeds to execute the newly created RRD file.

While bursting was not a feature that we specifically developed in the current version of Logicity, it was possible to do in a limited way with some clever usage of the Logicity Solution file structure. We have decided to leave this page up as a reference guide in case some people still find it valuable.

I need to email a group of data to one client and other goup data to another client. If this post is answer of your question then don’t forgot to Click “Mark As Answer”.

Reports Bursting Distribution Tool, Deliver Reports,

A page report printed, then manually sorted and mailed, could take up to 2 business days to finalize, but with PDF-eXPLODE and e-mail delivery, this could be completed and archived intelligently on your hard drive in around 1 – 2 hours. Create a report using Cdystal method using datsets with crystal report. Because Logicity has a unique, powerful and flexible report processing methodology RRD, or report runtime definitions and because you can chain multiple actions together, the Logicity Crystal Reports viewer and scheduler can be set-up to burst Crystal Reports with a simple two-step process Any ceystal please feel free to ask me.

Using Logicity solution Builder, open up both RRD files and schedule them to run in the correct order. Let’s run through an example together. In the body, we put the RRD’s line values. Crystal report bursting Jul 08, We have received a lot of feedback on our recent explanation of how to use Logicity to burst Crystal Reports. This is where the report bursting occurs. No Credit Card Required. Where a link exists to other sites, AD Systems is not responsible for the privacy practices nor the content of such sites.

Last post Nov 04, One vrystal thing you want to send the data to that corresponding department only then you have to create the logic, otherwise my suggesstion is read that department employee e-mail id from DB and store it in a Array object then after exporting the data into PDF send the same to them. Do More with Variables Take control and communicate more using variables.

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Jul 09, Report aka Document Bursting is a burstiny that runs a report only once yet delivers only selected output to each nominated User of the report based on pre-configured rules, thus greatly reducing the processing load of electronic media and manual human effort while still ensuring data security. Annual purchased support once the 60 day period has expired.

Hope this will help you Licensed per concurrent user, this edition works on a Microsoft Terminal Servicer or a Citrix Server product. Each user thus receives a report personalized with information relevant to them. Combine PDF files from the command line You can now automate the process of combining master PDF files so that it is possible to include multiple bhrsting into a single e-mail attachment.

While the current Logicity Solution builder interface doesn’t have this capability, you could further automate the process by combining the two RRD files into a single scheduled RRD using a text editor. You can even customise the text in the body of the e-mail or password protect an exploded attachment – all with the press of one button.

Crystal Report Bursting based on a field in the report

Report distribution simply brilliant! Community Websites Community Support. This edition runs on a Microsoft Terminal Services or Citrix server. How much do you spend on printing and materials for each document?

Report distribution simply brilliant!

For example, you can e-mail some reports to different recipients, save some to a file system, and then even print, all at once. Jul 07, Give the action reportts name. Links to other Sites Where a link exists to other sites, AD Systems is not responsible for the privacy practices nor the content of such sites.