Co-processed excipients have been developed to handle changes in the physical properties of particles at sub-particle levels. By co-processing two excipients. A co-processed excipient is any combination of 2 or more excipients obtained by physical co-processing that does not lead to the formation of. co-processed excipients ppt. 1. 1; 2. CO-PROCESSED Presented by- Under the guidance ofMr. Bhaskar N. Bangar Dr. N. H. Aloorkar.

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SSG which disintegrated within 11 sec at the concentration of 1 gm: The direct compression method is most widely accepted process for hydrophobic drugs to be formulated into tablet dosage forms.

Co-processing of excipients is a novel method used in the preparation of tablet dosage forms, in which only a physical modification of excipients is done without changing their chemical nature. Preparation of coprocessed superdisintegrant A blend xoprocessed Mannitol- Mucilage was added to 65 ml excpients isopropyl alcohol in different concentrations.

It is calculated as.

Formulation and Evaluation of Coprocessed Excipient for Mouth Dissolving Formulation

coproceszed Developed tablets were evaluated for usual tablet tests such as weight variation, hardness, friability, drug content. Drug content was determined from the standard graph.

The protocol of stability studies was in compliance with ICH guidelines for excipints testing intended for the zone IVa. The mucilage was added to the CaCO 3 until a damp mass was obtained. The difficulty in swallowing is called as dysphagia. Inhibition of the enzyme decreases de novo cholesterol synthesis, increasing low-density lipoprotein LDL receptors on hepatocytes. The bulk density was calculated by the formula: The tablets were prepared by direct compression method and the physical properties of tablets such as hardness, friability and dissolution profiles of tablets were evaluated.


Co-processed Excipients

The coprocessed excipient improves its flowability of parent excipients. The angle of repose was then calculated using following formula. The results are depicted in Table 6.

Drug excipients compatibility studies IR study was used to check the compatibility between drug and polymer. Also grateful to Shimoga chemicals, Sangli providing free gift sample of drug Terbutaline sulphate.

The different concentrations of Mannitol: Dissolution test was carried out at 75 rpm using ml of 6.

It was placed for 24 hrs. Stability study The stability studies were carried out for the optimized formulation [ 14 ].

Table 3 Data for Kawakita plots of co-processed excipient granules. A review of co-processed directly compressible excipients. Micromeritic properties of co-processing excipients formulated with different ratios of acacia mucilage and calcium coproceased. This might be possible due to the buffering tendency and dissolution aid of CaCO 3 in the formulations which created an alkaline medium for better dissolution of atorvastatin calcium.

Co-processed Excipients

For this purpose, a beaker was filled with 10 ml of water. Evaluation of post-compression parameters The following post-compression parameters were evaluated: Heckel and Kawakita analysis of granules of the crude leaves extract of vernoniagalamensis prepared using poly vinyl pyrrolidone as binder.


After coming in contact with saliva these formulations dissolve immediately and produce a suspension that can be easily swallowed sxcipients patient. The wet coherent mass was then granulated through sieve no.

The tapped density was calculated by the formula: All Published work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4. Conclusion Mouth dissolving tablet of Terbutaline sulphate containing Ocimum bascilium as a superdisintegrant was prepared successfully. Placebo tablets were prepared containing coprocessed mucilage as superdisintegrant in different concentration and evaluated for disintegration time.

Co-processed excipients were prepared to improve the process ability and efficacy of commonly used excipients and to impart multi-functional qualities to the excipients and hence that the tablets with the desired attributes can be produced. Volume occupied by powder after 24 hrs was measured. The material was clprocessed out using muslin cloth to remove the mark from the seeds. This excopients has been cited by other articles in PMC.