We educate people about abortion and then activate them into the movement. The run across America provides a platform for speaking engagements- Colleges, churches, schools, youth groups, & Bible studies. Basically, anywhere that will open their door, we’ll be there to share the importance of life.

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Runner | Speaker

I became passionate about the pro-life movement in fifth grade when my teacher taught me that life begins at conception. Though I did not fully understand the gravity of abortion, my passion definitely began here. As I have grown up, my passion for the equality of the unborn has only grown stronger. My heroes are Louis Zamperini & William Wilberforce. I enjoy running, biking, knitting, reading, rock climbing, camping, swimming, hiking and sailing. I love the outdoors and pretty much anything that has adventure.


Project Manager

I grew up in a pro-life home, but I never understood the depths of the movement or took a stand outside of affiliation. I met Anna in college and her passion for the unborn ignited something in me. Although I pursued a degree in Education and love the classroom, I know that my purpose for this year is to be a part of this project and watch others spark a passion to fight for the unborn as well.

Sarah Marie

Web Manager

I became passionate about the pro-life movement reading about the Underground Railroad and William Wilberforce. The Underground Railroad was hope for Slaves that were denied rights as human beings, while today we work for the humanity of the unborn. My heroes are William Wilberforce, James O’Keefe, & Jonathan Swift. I enjoy trail running, classic literature, violin music, and a determined quest for the perfect cup of coffee.

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If you want to know more about the project, can provide a suggestion or a contact, or would like to volunteer, e-mail projectiflife@gmail.com or call 415-377-5204. If you want to write a letter or mail a check, our address is 1765 E. 9 Mile Rd #1, Box 234 Pensacola, FL 32514.