In A.E. Knoch chose a new title, given a new title- Concordant Literal New Testament. The Concordant Literal New Testament (CLNT) is the work of a man named A. E. Knoch. He was born in St. Louis, Missouri in America in and died in To keep from emphasizing his personal views and traditional errors, he developed the concordant method of translation. The purpose of the compiler was to.

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It is this principle of condordant or “concordant” translation which was also employed in the compilation of the Concordant Version of the Old Testament CVOTnow completed. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Knoch was aware of many errors in the Bible translations of his day. Please help improve it concordant literal new testament discuss these issues on the talk page.

Knoch was a sincere and dedicated scholar, with an excellent grasp of Greek, and he gave concordant literal new testament years of his life to the production of the CLNT. It incorporates the fruits of years of research by a very painstaking, and able scholar. Our research efforts are centered upon the many issues involved in discovering the meaning of the original Scripture declarations themselves.

Variant readings in these manuscripts are shown in the Greek text, referred to as the super-linear. Knoch accepts that some Concorrant words need more than one English word to translate them according to their context. He is effectively thinking in Greek and translating word for word into English. The CPC’s efforts yielded a restored Greek text, concordant literal new testament The Concordant Greek Text, containing all of the important concordang readings found in the codices mentioned above.

He just needed to put the English words and tenses he had chosen that corresponded to the Greek words and tenses in the original. It is a very useful reference work, particularly for those concordant literal new testament wrestle to understand the meanings of difficult and sometimes controversial passages of the New Testament.

There is an effort to keep to a minimum the nw resulting from translating different Greek words with only one English word. The corresponding English version was then called the “Revised, International Edition.


The extreme care taken by the CPC demonstrates the “high” view of Scriptural inspiration that guided its efforts. Knoch himself decides what is the best English word for a given Greek word.

I am not saying that Knoch was right or wrong to choose the word eon. Concordant literal new testament first edition of the CLNT came out in That is clearly a true unbiased approach. Breckenridge Attorney for the Irvine Ranch who advised on legal matters, C.

Knoch translates this eonian God. It seems that what limitations he saw, he failed to explain clearly to his readers. This volume of the Concordant Library contains every word and letter of Concordant literal new testament, B, sCodex Vaticanus for the Apocalypse, and some recently discovered fragments of Papyri.

Concordant Version – Wikipedia

The book Studies in Paul’s Epistle to the Romans by George Lawley Rogers is an in-depth examination of the Epistle to the Romans utilizing the Concordant Version ; though out of print, used copies are available. The concordant literal new testament of some of those who assisted A.

Bagley, Pastor George L. This article needs additional citations for verification. In fact Knoch uses four different English words – word, expression, account and matter – to translate logosdemonstrating the impossibility of using one English word for each Concordant literal new testament word, but still not accurately conveying the full range of the meaning of logos in English.

His various signs and symbols provide a lot of further information about the original Greek, which would otherwise only be available to people who have actually studied the language.

Concordant Literal New Testament

He believed that a major source of error was inconsistency of translation. Would God that our English-speaking people gave that amount of time to reading any version of the Scripture!

The CLNT is not the one and only unbiased, reliable version concordant literal new testament the Scriptures in English that some of its advocates think it to be. Some other Bible translations actually put both in and withand allow the reader to make up his own mind. However used as a Bible study aid, and work of reference alongside other translations of the scriptures, the CLNT can make a valuable contribution to Bible study, especially for the majority of people who cannot read Greek.


However, when neededthe Greek sentence structure is altered in order to achieve acceptable English. Concordant literal new testament utterly consistent hyper-literal sub-linear based upon a standard English equivalent for each Greek element is to be found beneath each Greek word.

His very careful choice of English words will sometimes provide insights into the meaning of the original Greek which are less clear in other translations. The same thing of course is tesstament with English concordant literal new testament Greek or Hebrew. Most of the time we can understand what they are saying, but they are not accurate and they are often testamdnt.

Concordant Version

Thus, according to the CPC, a substantial formal correspondence is maintained between the source languages and the receptor language.

The Greek text is printed in the ancient uncial letters as found in the most ancient manuscripts. Weymouth’s apparatus was also consulted which gives the results of StunicaErasmusStephens, Elziver and Scrivener. Thus, phileo is rendered concordant literal new testament fond” and agapao is litersl “love. The other is he frequently uses English words which are less accurate translations of Concordant literal new testament words than those he would have used if he were not trying to stick to his rules.

The Greek here is ambiguous and both translations are equally valid.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The edition, which is the current edition, contains further refinements.

Concordant literal new testament purpose of the compiler was to make a translation that agreed as closely as possible to the original language, yet be presented in readable English. The idea that any given Greek word should always where possible be translated by the same English word sounds good, but it runs totally contrary to the way languages actually work.

The Bible’s best known verse comes across as: