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Cerulean Sins (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Book 11) [Laurell K. Hamilton] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this novel in the #1 New. Anita Blake is one the more fascinating fictional heroines since Scarlet O’Hara— and a hell of a lot more fun than most. Despite her satin lingerie, short skirts and. Cerulean Sins. An Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Novel. An Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Novel. An Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Novel. By Laurell K. Hamilton.

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Chapter after chapter of the same scene that kept having twist after twist after twist.

I knew it was a bad, bad thing when the ardeur rose up its ceru,ean head in the previous book. Trivia About Cerulean Sins An Hamilton By Laurell K. I admit I was quite excited about reading the book as I had heard some good things about some of her earlier books.

In order to save Asher, Anita must be both sexually and psychically creative.

I love a good adult book but I want to read actual charac I’m calling it. There seems to be a split in ANVH fans, between those who miss the old style and think the books are drowning in sex not a bad way to go, in fairness! Newcomers to Anita Blake are going to be completely lost amidst intricate, overly complicated, silly paranormal creature politics.

It also includes material by writers that first appeared in the Sleeping Hedgehogour in-house newsletter for staff and readers here. I know a lot of these reviews have been nothing but me saying “Anita Blake is a horrible woman”, “The writing is so mediocre and misogynistic”, “There is a good story here, but too bad it is buried in bullsh!


Musette, the very beautiful, very twisted representative of the European Council of Vampires. But this book, dear lord I did not enjoy this, it was a mixed salad of 50 ingredients.

However, Anita is Hamilton’s character, and Hamilton has the right to change sims character.

United States of America. Anita protects her people and pisses off the visiting vamp.

Cerulean Sins (novel)

Looking for More Great Reads? Jason takes one for the team; he and Anita talk about her relationships. My slns encounter with sns incomparable vampire huntress was in Obsidian Butterflywhich utterly blew me away and immediately had me hot — and I do mean hot — to go out and buy the rest of the series and learn everything I could about Anita and all of her scary, sexy friends. On the positive side, it kept me awake, partly because I was curious if the story started in the first four pages–a hit man looking to raise a zombie–would ever be completed, and partly because trying to figure out if I was remembering this plot or the plot of another one in the series was like a mental itch I couldn’t scratch.

It’s sad, because amidst all the sex, talking about sex, prepping for sex, arguing about vampire politic minutiae, arguing about werewolf political minutiae, p! I loved this book as it concentrated more on the vampire politics and introduced Belle Morte, and her brand of malevolance into the series, should make the next book a little more interesting as we are allowed to delve more into the council and its strange brand of politics.


While plot-wise things mesh together better here than in Narcissus In Chainsseveral little things annoyed me. Anita evens the playing field so that the guards can take Musette to her room, when Belle Morte manifests.

Recently I thought maybe I had been right in thinking the ceruleaj books were good If you like unintended comedies, you might like this. I was sorely disappointed.

I’ve forgotten how many men are lining up to get into her panties which, conveniently, match with her bra: Every time I re-read or, in this case listen to this book, I am reminded of the greatness that once was, cerulea am deeply sorrowed by the deterioration of it. Apr 30, Minutes.

But if there isn’t even a ghost of a plot brought back soon, I’ll drop this series faster than Anita Blake drops her knickers at the sight of anything with a penis and chalk it up to a waste csrulean time for having ever read it.

It has gotten to the point that I wince every time I see it.

Laurell K. Hamilton’s Cerulean Sins | The Green Man Review

I feel like it’s that Cool Whip commercial with Stewie and Brian. Richard unworthy of sweetness and has now been utterly cast aside. Refresh and try again.