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At fingerlings stage, feed eels with a lot of aquatic insect which can be produced naturally in stagnant water bodies. Construct twin tanks 1M x 2M x 1M in size with a total surface area of 4 sqm. The fingerlings will fall down Repeat for a few days until there are no more fingerlings left in the tank. Give food individually or in combination of two or more. The compost produced by the worms can be used as fertilizer for vegetable gardens.

Repeat this process every week for days until no more froth appears. Ternak belut RIAU updated their cover photo. This site uses cookies. The water that flows continues with a small discharge is getting better, like the water that comes out in the rice fields. Input Hyacinth Mumps enough first hyacinth mumps useful as peneduh, hyacinth mumps can eblut a considerable change of availability of nutrient ph, water temperature, and also poison-poison in water The ingredients must be prepared before the mud team comes to make the mud of eel media, for the pool budisaya be made as strong as possible because this long-term is recommended for those who have a pool capital made permanent.

Starve the eels in holding tanks before transporting live to the market.


Budidaya belut eksport sedang booming. Belut merupakan usaha yg sangat menjanjikan. Economic Benefits There being no established market for Monopterus eels, this economic feasibility is based on existing market of local variety of eels, the Anguilla species locally knows budiadya igat, palos or casili.


This entry was posted in Uncategorized. The in-between length group turns cannibal Segregate the fingerlings which cling to the water hycinth roots. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Monopterus albus ricefield eelwhich became instinct for unknown reasons was introduced by the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction IIRR in the late 80s. Collect bslut snails from the ricefields to reduce snail population eating rice and feed to the eels 7. Make sure that there is enough available natural or clean water. Notify me of new comments via email. Create Herbal Herbal potion Every 2 weeks once give protein adjusted to the buddiaya of the pool, it’s good to keep the elements of hara and pool hygiene 8.

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Maintain proper feeding levels throughout the culture period. Ecological Implications Some farmers who have introduced Monopterus eels in their rice fields have noticed a marked reduction in the snail population as these are natural feed for the helut. Water Good water for eel power.

Introduce water into the tank, 15 cm above the top layer. Disisi lain kita juga memerlukan tata cara panen, pasca panen, pemasaran dan pencatatan analisa usaha budidayq melakukan Budidaya belut.

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If dried feeds are used, grind them into powder or paste using a domestic type grinder. There are thousands of this kind in the sea and hundreds in freshwater. The source of water could be ground water or spring water. Bagi yg ingin memesan bibit silahkan di inbox aj Allow the materials to decompose for about a week. Collect garden snails from the ricefields to reduce snail population eating rice and feed to the eels.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The ones that are below 40 cm are females and those above 60 cm are males. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here However, some farmers have come across the problem of dike boring by eels, thus making it difficult for them to retain water in their rice fields.


Before the introduction of eels, plant aquatic plants such as water hyacinth or kangkong on the top soil. Allow the fingerlings to stay inside the tank for three days, if they do not die, that means the tank is ready for the introduction of eels. Layer half of the tank lengthwise. Eels are long snake-like fishes with a smooth slimy scaleless skin.

Info Harga belut konsumsi Rp. The tank should be leak-proof with an outlet at the bottom. Rice fields eels, once introduced into the rice fields, can serve as predator against golden snails which have become a pest in some Asian countries, particularly the Philippines and Vietnam.

Earthworm can be cultured in backyards Vermiculture and can be used as supplementary feed for the eels. Tips on Feeding Always feed the eels at a fixed feeding point and time Eels can be fed in trays made out of local materials. Bran 5 kg for the fermentation starter of creation creation. The tank, which is ready, will have a similar quality to a ricefield.

Many farmers are raising this species for food.

Aguillan, the local variety found in the rivers in Cagayan Aparri and Mindanao Cotabatocan be raised using the same strategy, but the tanks should not have mud. The plants will provide shelter for the eels from direct sunlight and bdlut act as a hiding place.

Eel Pond The size of the eel pond is customized with the qty of the ordered package Eel Pond can be permanent bricks, batako or non permanent Wood, Bamboo Try to be free from predators like snakes, cats etc 2. Then, transfer to a new tanks.