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‘Bigness’ in context: some regressive tendencies in Rem. Koolhaas’ urban theory. Jorge Otero-Pailos. Rem Koolhaas’ views on urbanism have been taken up. Bigness is a “Koolhaas” term. Kwinter tries to find a definition for it which goes away from the merely physical dimension. His interpretation goes more on the. Bigness (or problem of the large), by Rem Koolhaas – Download as PDF File .pdf ), Text File .txt) or read online.

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If urbanism generates potential and architecture exploits it, Bigness enlists the generosity of urbanism against the meanness of architecture.

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Issue 8 Coming Soon. The final outcome will give you an isolate place that not have anything relate to outside surrounding, you feel endlessness of space and being freeze in time. Newer Post Older Post Home. Mies Van De Rohe built.

Rem Koolhaas

Fashion from the Gossip Issue. Enter a search term: MD is a new zoning district that exists within Manhattan. Tank Books Beautiful and collectable for bgness reading pleasure. By experimenting with the interplay of positive and negative zoning, the potentials for urban interstitially suggested by MD are not merely programmatic, but support further densification, deeper activation and radical zoning, As well, interstitial and residual spaces provide the opportunity to preserve the character of the existing site condition.


Through contamination rather than purity and quantity rather than quality, only Bigness can support genuinely new relationships between functional entities that expand rather than limit their identities.

Issue 13 Coming Soon. I think there is still a very strong section in architecture that somehow hopes that there can be architecture without ideas.

The point of all of this, as understood by me, is pretty simple. Issue 23 Coming Soon. It embodies the lingering hope — or the vague memory of a hope — that kolhaas, form, coherence could be imposed on the violent surf of information that washes over us daily. Hicham Gardaf photographs the signs of human habitation on an inconspicuous street corner in North Koolaas London.

Issue 11 Coming Soon. Photography by Sophie Tajan, styling by Gemma Bedini.

Quotes For me it writing is very brutal and primitive, because for me architecture is an intellectual discipline and for me writing is the privileged communication of our intellectual disciplines. LA-based photographer Sergiy Barchuk strips away visual noise to create harmonious still lifes. Issue 15 Coming Soon.

Issue 1 Coming Soon. Your Profile Propose an article Organize an event Logout. For me it writing is very brutal and primitive, because for me architecture is an intellectual discipline and for me writing is the privileged communication of our intellectual disciplines.


Its subtext is fuck context. Issue 16 Coming Soon. What do you think?


Where can I learn fundamentals? A big building, a Bigness level building, necessarily has characteristics that differentiate it from buildings of smaller stature. The rest is an expansion of that thought.

If compare a bigness or building into a piece of object it is a Lego where every unit has it own environment color and it construct as one big structure without losing itself, and the lego can be anywhere in the world without making context change or the context change lego itself.

By putting air-conditioner, artificial light, closed large space. Wise and humane, each of kiolhaas correspondences offer a profound consolation.

If Paragon is just like a lego? Fashion from the outskirts.