6 Jul Barely a Lady by Eileen Dreyer Dear. Ms. Dreyer,. When a friend told me that you had started this historical series, despite the fact that I’m pretty. 7 Jul Barely a Lady. Eileen Dreyer. Buy This Book. Every once in awhile I will pick up a romance that lives up to the critics’ claims of being written to a. Barely a Lady (Drake’s Rakes, book 1) by Eileen Dreyer – book cover, description , publication history.

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New York Times bestselling, award-winning author Eileen Dreyer, known as Kathleen Korbel to her Silhouette readers, has published 28 romance novels, 8 medico-forensic suspenses, and 7 short stories.

Grace and Lady Kate’s stories, Lady Kate’s especially as she is a forced to be reckoned with in this intro story. But since this is a novel, as opposed to a writing assignment, that becomes a problem rather than an asset.

Mass Market Paperbackpages. Take hero who is good looking, wealthy, rileen to a fine estate and is a spy for England during Napoleonic War.

She hated him for betraying her, for not having the faith in her he should have. dreywr

Barely a Lady (Drake’s Rakes, #1) by Eileen Dreyer

Why women give men second chances when they least deserve it and ladu easily they throw their love and gentleness back in their face. Louis with her husband, children, and large and noisy Irish family, of which she is the reluctant matriarch.

I was reminded a little of Sherri Thomas and Meredith Duran’s writing, in that the leads are very flawed and have dealt with a lot over long periods of time. Beat until consistency is smooth as English cream.

But for someone who won’t be reading any further in the series, it was a confusing ending. He was a spy. And if that wasn’t a big enough insult, he found love dreyerr enough with someone else during the years he was away from the heroine. To keep him from being hanged for a traitor, Olivia must pretend she and Jack are still married. There is murder, mystery, deception, as well as honor, loyalty, and of course love.


Abandoned and disgraced, Grace has survived those years at the edge of respectability. Mar 14, Quinn rated it really liked it Shelves: This was my first Eileen Dreyer read and I can’t wait to read the rest of this series!

Barely a Lady

Open Preview See a Problem? By lavy time he finally grows a set, figures out what is going on, and gives the heroine her well-owed apology, the book is very nearly done. I actually didn’t make it to the end by straight-forward reading.

Now Olivia knew of her before this, but I guess she assumed it was done, I couldn’t have overlooked it so easily, but I guess she could. Still, it was a tough read for me.

Where’s the small semblance of realism in this entire ridiculous plot??? That was so far out of left field I couldn’t have guessed that ending. The expert writing made it an easy if predictable read all the way through. View all 11 comments. This is a “WTF – is this the ending to an earlier, discarded draft of the story? The lovely picture perfect ending in no way reflected how I thought it should have wrapped up.

Jack wakes up with amnesia, still thinking they’re married, and poor Olivia has to pretend that she still his wife.

Every step happened exactly as one would expect. Infidelity is a theme which I almost never see done with enough insight to generate empathy for the perpetrator.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. They are just briefly summarized at the very end of the book, resulting in a tidy wrap up. Another plus in this book drejer the sexxy scenes! Not only that, but he called out the cousin and left her pregnant and in penury. Eileen spent time not only in England and Italy, but India to research the series it’s a filthy job, but somebody has to do it. I’m varely the next two in the series.

Jack never really seems like his own person, Olivia forgets all her troubles once she sees Jack, the author started out with an interesting premise but had too much other stuff going on to do it justice, I just couldn’t get into this. There were parts I enjoyed, but all in all the dreuer found his forgiveness but because we didn’t get to actually see Jack redeem himself for all the misery he put Olivia through, their happily ever after fell a little flat for ei,een.


I found this author likes to use inane words, she’s really getting use of her thesaurus, and it was just sreyer of random and weird to me.

I look forward to reading the next eileenn in this Series! Olivia is nursing wounded British soldiers. After this, I couldn’t get excited.

All the characters were fully realised and the scenes were rendered so well that you could almost visualise yourself right there lad them. I just would rather not have to be so upset with the hero for most of the book!

Kudos to this book for dreyeg to have a plot. Add in a war, and you’ve got a really sweeping tale of love and hardship. Finding Jack in a controversial situation as well as close to death, Olivia must decide if she can put the horrid accusations he made against her behindin order to care for the one she once loved.

There is only one slim mention of her hero in this book, but from Kate’s reaction you can bet her story with Harry Lidge will be a good one. Mimi is still alive, and visits Gervaise to kill him But what really knocked this book down in my opinion was how easy Olivia finds it to forgive Jack.

Though not a fan of espionage and war and cloak and daggger novels, I find myself very much immersed in this story, wanting to dig into the bottom of the story as much as the bsrely characters do.